The Hunger Games By David Marshall

Setting difference: The cornucopia is described gold and like a horn in the book. In the movie, it is black steel and resembles a plane crash.

Characters difference: In the book at the Capitol, Katniss described that she met and saw the red headed avox that she remembered being taken from her woods in District 12 into a hovercraft.In the middle vie, there was no red headed avox.

She's the one in the back, but Katniss never recognized her in the movie as she did in the book.

Setting same: In District 12, Katniss describes the woods, meeting with Gale, and crawling under the fence just as it happened in the movie.

Resolution different: In the book, Katniss says that Peeta and her put the poisonous berries in their mouth as the speaker told them that they could have two winners. In the movie, the poisonous berries were still in their hands when the speaker shares the news.

Plot Events same: The plot event of allowing 2 people from the same district to win together. This was a total plot twist that never had happened in the Hunger Games.

This is when Ktniss found Peeta in the movie so they could work together to win together.

Characters same: All the same characters form the Careers in both the movie and the book. In the beginning of the games, Peeta allies with them, but then he saves Katniss and leaves their alliance.

There is the careers alliance. Peeta is in the back left of the picture.

Resolution same: Both Peeta and Katniss win tthe Hunger Gmaes in the movie and the book. They return safely to the Capitol after the games in the book and movie.

This is when they got back from the games and were at the Capitol. They had an interview together at the Capitol.

Plot Events different: In the book, Katniss said it took her 3 arrows to hit the apples and explode all the careers supplies. In the movie she only shoots 2 shots.

This is the explosion that Ktniss caused by shooting the apples.

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