A song my character would listen to is Jungle by A BOOGIE WIT DA HOODIE. Also i picked this song because it describes how he has to go threw a struggle. Also it shows that he lost people trying to hep get out.

Thomas is a teenager who enters the glade from a crate.Thomas is a curious person. Thomas gets frustrated when answers are kept from him. Tomas starts off timid and somewhat aloof. Although he starts to change and become bold and brave. Also he saved two Gladers lives Alby and Minho. Thomas also shares a telepathic connection with Teresa. Also Thomas is one of the first person to challenge the Gladers rules.

My name is Thomas i am from the glade. The day i appeared to the glade i woke up in a cage surrounded by a bunch of boys. I help around the glade by farming and helping build. my leader is name Alb'y. Also i have a friend named chuck. My nickname around here is ugly shank. I am a curious boy. I also don't like answers being held from me. I have flash backs when i'm sleeping. I am curious whats in the maze.

Thomas has many facts abut his self. Thomas is a male. He lives with other boys in the glade. He knows some of his past. He has a connection with this girl name Teresa. Thomas is apart of a group of three to survive in the maze for a night.

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