Psychodynamic PSYCHODYNAMIC theories of a personality view human behavior as a lively interaction between conscious and unconscious mind, and they consider our RELATED motives and conflicts.

Real self is who you are now, as compared to Ideal self, which is the person that you want to become. I believe that everyone has both, and wants to become a better version of themselves. At the moment, I feel that I'm very anxious, and a person with a lot of self doubt. My ideal self would be someone who is confident and very determined. I've thought about this in times when I'm extremly anxious, such as when I went to take my driver's permit. I doubted myself the whole time, and as a result, I did not do well. The whole time I was wishing I was someone else, or a better, more confident version of myself.
The Inferiority Complex is the adult personality which is making up for feeling inferior as a child. I believe that this is real, and relates to my life. I now believe that I try to voice my opinion a lot to my mother, and try to do as many "adult" things as I can. When I was younger, my mother did not always listen to what I wanted to do because she thought she knew what was best for me, and I wasn't allowed to do things that wanted do. As I've gotten older, I've become more persistent and vocal about doing what I want.


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