A Plant-Based Thanksgiving Feast! By Beyond Sushi Catering

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, community, and we can’t forget good food (a LOT of it, if you’re doing it right). Join us in celebrating the occasion with a cruelty-free feast! We are thrilled to announce that Chef Guy Vaknin has ‘veganized’ Thanksgiving classics with a brand new holiday catering menu.

With cozy dishes like cream of sweet potato soup with cinnamon and stuffed mushrooms with turmeric glaze, this menu is that is sure to impress vegans and non-vegans alike at the table. And you definitely won’t miss the turkey with our delicious mains like Impossible meatloaf with shiitake red wine reduction and seitan roulade with vegetables and cranberry sage sauce. There’s something to please everyone – ideal for your Thanksgiving office party, friendsgiving, or family gathering.

All items can be selected a la carte so you can craft your perfect meal! Ordering is available now through November 26th. Call us at 718-606-2179 or email us at catering@beyondsushinyc.com to get started today.

Update: Due to the amazing response, we will be offering a special Thanksgiving meal at our flagship restaurant (134 W 37th St) on November 28th. The meal is $26 and will include Impossible meatloaf with shiitake red wine reduction, charred green beans with garlic and lemon, and roasted butternut squash with sage and rosemary.

Featured in Veg News, Fox Business, and Eater!

Thanksgiving Catering Menu


Cream of sweet potato soup with cinnamon and chives (32oz - serves 3) - $16

Shaved brussel sprout salad with dried cranberries, candied cashews, and sherry vinaigrette (80oz - serves 10) - $45


Serves 10, aluminum half pan - $45

Charred fresh green beans with evoo, roasted garlic, and lemon

Roasted butternut squash with sage, rosemary, and fresh thyme

Classic tri-color glazed carrots with minced parsley and garlic

Stuffed mushrooms with zucchini, broccoli, edamame, and turmeric glaze


Serves 10, aluminum half pan - $75

Impossible meatloaf with garlic, thyme, red onion, paprika, chili, shiitake red wine glaze

Seed crusted tofu steaks with sesame, caraway, and fennel seeds

Roasted seitan roulade filled with roasted red peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms with cranberry, orange, and sage sauce


Serves 10

Pumpkin “cheese” cake $55

Carrot cake $55

Pecan Pie $55

Chai spiced gingerbread with candied orange (25 pieces) $50

Cinnamon rolls (25 pieces) $55

Ordering information

Place your order now through November 26th. Delivery is available on Thanksgiving day.

To order, call 718-606-2179 or email catering@beyondsushinyc.com

Check out our website and instagram for more updates on our holiday offerings!

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