Beware of the Snakes Fiery serpents in the homes of the Israelites

Israelites is getting bitten by fiery serpents that came out of nowhere. The people are dyeing from venom of serpents. There is no way to heal the poisoned ones. Then Moses came up with an idea, an idea that can heal them.

Let us find the way to heal the people who were bitten. The Israelites are badly hurt and very pale to their looks. An Israelite said that his children were poisoned by the deadly snakes, he said that his son felt like he was on fire. Why is this? Do they need medicine? Well, lets ask the other people who are in this city.

Moses, the leader of all Israelites, found out to save these poisoned ones. Lets see what he said in the problem. Moses said, "The LORD has gave a way to heal the bitten people, he told me to make a bronze snake. When the bitten people look up at it, they will be healed. He will heal you!"

Simon, a citizen of Israel, isn't really afraid of the snakes. He is brave, but not at all times. Simon said, "Who is afraid of just small and scary snakes? They can just run away from them instead of getting healed after getting bitten by the snakes."

Now, it is for you to decide if you want to be healed by the LORD's power or get bitten by the fiery serpents.


Created with images by WikiImages - "grass snake snake serpentes" • Hans - "grass snake snake head game"

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