Data Roll Over What you need to know

The data roll over date is August 4th

Customers in Texas will be August 11th

What is Data Rollover?

This process will help prepare you for Fall 2017 enrollment. The data roll over date is August 4th . Customers in Texas will be August 11th.

What data is cleared?

• All classrooms and related info such as classroom goals and messages

• All students and related information, such as lesson scores, lesson progress and benchmark test results.

After data is cleared, reports will no longer show any data for the 2016-2017 school year.

What data is kept?

Teacher and admin accounts, district, schools and custom pathways will remain intact.

Some FAQ’s to consider before data roll over happens:

• If your implementation includes multiple districts this date will apply to all districts and schools

• Your 2016-2017 data will be cleared at 6am on your data roll over date

• Be sure to achieve your student data BEFORE your data roll over date

TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS! ( which is on the end of school year documents)

Exporting your student data

1. Click on the reports tab

2. Scroll down to the Student Data Export box

3. Click export

4. The student export may take 2-3 minutes to complete. Please do no reload this page or visit another page until the export is complete


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