Concept Art Assignment 2 Amber Buckley

Initial Concept Art Sketches and Ideas

Pencil Sketches

Chalk Pastel Sketches

Developed Concept Art Sketches and Ideas

Coloured Pencil Sketches

I liked working with coloured pencils because I found blending the colours was quite easy and they came in a range of colours. The one thing I didn't like about using them to sketch with was they were difficult to rub out and hide rough markings.


Here I have drawn a dinosaur character in two different poses. These poses show a few of his personalities; scared and angry. This character can be used in a children's adventure game to battle opponents and discover new lands. He is bright orange so he stands out compared to normal dinosaurs which is why he has many opponents who don't like his orange colour.

"Mushroom House"

Here I have designed a mushroom building which can be used as a characters home or background building in a game. The mushroom features a wooden front door, a ground floor and four floors above. There is one window on the ground floor at the back of the building, two windows on the first and second floors (one at the front and one at the back), two windows at the back of the third floor and one window at the front of the fourth floor. These windows can be used for characters to look at multiple angles of the game world to find important items and quests. the stem of the mushroom will be coloured orange and the cap will be coloured pink with yellow spots. This helps to create a sense of fantasy and surrealism within the game.

'Blue Shoe House'

Here I have designed a house made from a blue lace up shoe. The building has two floors and six windows; two on the ground floor and four on the first floor. I got my inspiration for this from the Clark's children's shoes that have toys hidden in the souls. This building could be used in a children's adventure video game where they explore a house being tiny (like in the film 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids').

Pencil Sketches

I really liked using pencils to sketch with because they come in a range of grades and were easy to smudge/blend. I also really liked using them to sketch because i could easily rub out mistakes and guide lines. The only thing I didn't like about using pencils was I couldn't use colour I could only shade areas.

"Magic Key"

Here I have drawn a magic key which could be used as an item for a character in a game. If found, this key could be used to unlock a new room/battle level within game.

"Church Building"

Here I have sketched out a church building for a fighting style game (for example Call Of Duty). This building could be used as a safe place where characters can hide from enemies and store items they have collected. The building would be plain looking because it should look like it has been abandoned.

"Alien Boy"

Here I began to create a space alien character so I first started by sketching out three faces with different shapes and facial features.
Then I added new head features to each of the sketches. On the one to the left I added five eyes to 'tentacle like' limbs and eyes to the ear lobes, to the one on the right I added a spiky crown and to the one at the bottom I added one large eye on a small 'tentacle like' limb. After looking back at my sketches I think I like the face and head shape of the one on the right and the eye limb from the bottom sketch best.
Here is my final sketch for my Alien Boy which combines the features I liked best from the previous sketches. I think drawing the final sketch from these different angles really helps you to grasp how the facial features would look if the character was made into 3D. The alien doesn't have a nose so when i drew it in side view it makes it clear that face remains flat where the nose usually is.

Charcoal Sketches

I liked using charcoal because I could easily blend colours/shades together. I didn't like charcoal because it was very messy, hard to control where the charcoal went/stayed on the page and it only came in black and white. This material is one that I wouldn't use in the future.

"Blob" Character

For this design I have made a "Blob" character that can be used as a main game play character in a video game. The Blob is an advanced character that would be unlocked later in the game because he allows you to have the ability to shoot yourself at enemies for attack. Blob can bounce and will fire himself at opponents in a fight so is almost guaranteed to defeat them. He is black and white because he is a sad and angry character that also has the ability to blur into the game surroundings to make himself disappear.


The image to the left shows the front view of building and the image on the right shows the building from the side view. This building would be used as part of a background in a game. The genre of the game would be horror/adventure because you would be exploring the game finding clues and trying to discover hidden quests. The backgrounds in the game would be dark and mysterious which is why I have kept the colour palette dark and smokey. The game would be set at night in the middle of the city and you have to make your way around the city to find the quests.

Coloured Pen Sketches

I liked using coloured pens because they came in in a range of bright colours and allowed me to make areas of bright block colour. I didn't like the streaky effect the colours had when shading and the colours didn't blend at all. I also didn't like using them to sketch because the colours were near impossible to cover if I made a mistake.

"Water Man"

Here I have drawn a character from the front view and the side view. Water Man is a character for a children's adventure game. You can unlock him as a character once you get to the underwater section of the game. He has blue hair to help him blend into the oceans surroundings (blue water) and he is wearing googles so he can see underwater. If you don't control the character and you let him swim into something, his googles will come off and you cannot carry on with the game until you collect them again.

Marker Pen Sketches

Like the coloured pens I liked how i could create bold block colours and i liked that they came in a variety of colours and sizes (thick and thin marker tips). I wouldn't use this material to sketch with because it was near impossible to cover/hide mistakes once I'd made them.

"The Book"

Here I have drawn a book from three different angles in two point perspective. The book could be used as a prop in a wizard/magic video game and have the appropriate graphics applied to the cover. It could also be used as a blank book which looks unimportant but if opened by a character it could unlock hidden cheats for the game.


This character named Sprinkle is children's video game character who has special rainbow powers. He looks quite plain because he has a grey body and white horns and tail but has the ability to shoot rainbows. In a game this power could be used to make other characters happy and enemies stop fighting.

Oil Pastel Sketches

I liked oil pastels because they came in a variety of colours and blended together really easily. I didn't like the fact that they were quite messy and it was hard to control where the colours went and stayed on the page. I don't think I would chose to use these again.

"Wooden Hut"

"Fire Ball"

This is a game character that has special powers and the ability to set its enemies on fire if they touch him. The sketches show (from left to right) front view, side view and back view. the character can be seen as quite angry and when it has power/energy above 10% it can shoot fire balls which look like mini versions of itself. The character could be used in a 2D or 3D video game format.

Wax Crayon Sketches

I really liked using wax crayons because they came in a wide range of colours and were easy to draw accurately with because they had a tip like a pencil. I also liked the fact that they weren't messy; they didn't smudge or dye my hands. I think I would use these again for a coloured piece of concept art.


Here I have made a Bunny character which could be used in children's or Japanese style game because it has Japanese style features. The character has four legs and two little arms that it can use to frantically wave at enemies to distract them. The character is white with pink outlines and peach, blush cheeks.

"Bread Dungeon"

"Death Candle"

This is a death candle that can be used in horror/conflict video games. The flame of the candle is black to represent death and when the wax melts it turns red to represent blood. Characters in the game can light the candle and it can be used to kill enemies by lighting the candle, writing the name of the enemy on a piece of paper and burning the paper in the lack flame of the candle.

Graphics Tablet

I really didn't like using a graphics tablet to sketch out designs because I found it very difficult to accurately draw lines. The only thing I liked about using the graphics tablet in Photoshop was that I could fill in areas of my sketch with the paint bucket tool and the colour wasn't streaky like if I had coloured it in with pens. I wouldn't use this technique again because I found it very hard use effectively.


Here is a penguin I have sketched that could be used in a children's game as a character. The penguin has a large tail so it can stay balanced when it sides on the ice. This character could be used in a 2D format game where the character is only ever seen from the front when it is stood still and from the sides when it is either moving left or right.


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