Grandma's Vacuum Jackson Moore

The dream started out ordinary and not very memorable, like most any other dream at that age. I was at my Grandmother's old house in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas in the dream, playing in the front yard. The dream then began turning into a nightmare when it got vivid and really memorable. The sky became dark with clouds and wind began to become very intense. A massive tornado appeared right behind the house.

The tornado seemed to stay in place behind the house and I was filled with fear, now alone in the front yard of the house with a massive tornado so close. I was filled with fear and when I looked at the house, the front door was open with my Grandmother's old vacuum cleaner in the doorway. It turned on, making noise louder than the roar of the wind from the tornado and rushed toward me as if it were possessed.

The vacuum rushed to me, getting near my feet, trying to suck me up. I panicked, kicking and stomping at it. My foot went through the front part of the evil appliance, yet it kept sucking me up, now through the hole my foot created. My foot was trapped in it, the air rushing intensely around me from both the wind and the vacuum when I woke up in terror.


1: Grandma's House: This was a place that I felt very safe, constantly surrounded by relatives and close family. The house itself I believe was symbolic of the constant attention from family that I had as a child from my family, and the fact that I was outside the house, away from any family or friends, was reflecting the fear of being alone that was quite large as a small child.

2: Being alone: I was the first born child in my family, and one of the first children to be born in my close family as well. Because of this, and later from having three siblings, I would always be getting a lot of attention or would be surrounded by friends or family growing up. While this was great, it also meant that I developed a large fear of being alone, feeling vulnerable when I was not with other people. This feeling of vulnerability was very tangible in my dream, and the symbolism of me being alone was a direct mirror to the fear I had of being alone.

3: The Vacuum: I believe this was a fairly straightforward symbol here. I really did not like vacuum cleaners when I was little, specifically because of the loud noise they made. The reason for this was that my ears were constantly getting infected, and when I got an ear tube replacement surgery to fix this, it also made sure I could hear properly for the first time in my life. Everything seemed so much louder, and vacuums were the loudest thing of my childhood. I've always been relatively easily spooked by loud noises, and so I believe that the evil vacuum cleaner in my dream was reflecting the very real intense dislike I had of them in real life.

4: The Tornado: I lived in the town of Allen, Texas, suburb of Dallas, Texas, for the large majority of my childhood. This area was right in Tornado Alley, and as such tornadoes were a common occurrence each year. Because of this, as a child especially, storms, strong wind, and especially tornadoes were always an unnerving fear of mine. I believe that this symbolism is rather straightforward, and was a manifestation of this fear in my dream.

Dream Meaning: The meaning of the dream makes the most sense to me using the Cognitive model, the model that states our dreams provide important information, help us make needed changes in our life, and even suggest solutions to real life problems. I believe that this dream was my subconscious doing just this with the relevant fears I had at the time, helping me to become more familiar with them, get used to them in a way, and to help me conquer them. The important information was the nature of these fears I had through the symbolism in the dream, the important change in my life that was being created was me being able to eventually conquer and grow out of my childhood fears.


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