Business Collaboration Business problems, Session 2

Review questions
  • What is a problem?
  • What is a solution?
  • What do you think we mean when we say "problems in a business"?
Example of a business who had a major business problem
  • What was the major problem?
  • Which groups of society did this effect?
  • How did the problem effect the business?
  • What was the solution?
  • In the future, what actions could they take to improve?
  • What kind of problem did the hotel manager have?
  • What problems did the customer have?
  • Why is managing customers expectations a problem in business?
  • Why is it important to look after customers in business?
Why should businesses look for their problems?
Which picture refers to the business that has found its problems?
In groups brain storm other business problems, for example
  • Environmental impact
  • Customer service
  • Staff happiness and loyalty

What problems might MAC have as a business?

How could Salt in Jumeira find problems in their business?
  • List the ways that Salt could identify the problems in their business
  • Audit the books and accounts
  • Customer feedback
  • Staff meetings, and reviewing reports
  • Health and safety checks
  • Employee reviews


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