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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide: Gifted and Talented - Global Issues Problem Solving Bowl.
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Henderson's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Schlawin's 3rd Grade Music Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Hawkin's 4th Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Huber's 3rd and 4th Grade Classes.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Iowa Assessments Kick Off Assembly.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Meet Teddy - Jefferson's Therapy Dog in Training!
  • Jefferson Elementary: Miss Mary's Preschool and Mrs. Manjoine's 5th Grade Classes.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Noel's 4th Grade and Mrs. Manjoine's 5th Grade Classes.
  • Madison Elementary: Ms. Lofgren's 4th Grade Class.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Lilienthal's 8th Grade Math Class.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Ortega and Mrs. Plemmon's Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble.
  • Muscatine High School: Muskie Girls' Bowling - State Qualifiers!
  • Muscatine High School: FFA Hosted Livestock Judging Practice Session.
  • Muscatine High School: FFA Iowa Beef Expo Judging Contest.
  • Muscatine High School: Speech and Debate.
  • Muscatine High School: Choral Programs Barbershop Quartet: Solid Harmony, and Jazz Choir: Jazz, Etc.
  • District-Wide Staff: Jefferson Food & Nutrition Workers.
  • District-Wide Staff: Jefferson Teachers Participate in 95% Training


The GT Program hosted a Global Issues Problem Solving Qualifying Bowl this week for grades 5-12. Future Problem Solving teams have been studying 3D printing during this quarter. On Monday, these teams completed a two hour written competition using the six-step problem solving process. Then the teams created a three minute skit to accompany their writing. We will find out next month who qualifies to move on to the state competition!


Students in Miss Harder's kindergarten class had to create structures using toothpicks and heart gummies!

Mrs. Henderson's 2nd grade class celebrated Friendship Day with an engineering task of building a tower as tall as themselves using 100 cups. Lots of teamwork was needed to complete this task!

Mrs. Schlawin's 3rd grade music students are learning the notes on the staff. They played a game to practice and get them moving!

The 4th graders in Mrs. Hawkin's class at Franklin did a research on past and present presidents of the United States and wrote a biopoem (biography poem). They also wrote about "If they were President." Their answers varied as to providing transportation, creating jobs, give money to the poor, cheaper cars, and cheaper housing.

3rd and 5th grade students in Mrs. Huber's classes at Franklin learn about some of the most famous presidents. After doing some research, they chose their favorites and wrote why they think they should be president once again.


After the Iowa Assessment Kick-off Assembly, Jefferson primary students made a tunnel to wish the upper grades good luck on the Iowa Assessment Tests!

Jefferson Students gather around Teddy, a therapy service dog in-training, in the gym before school.

Jefferson students from Miss Mary's Preschool and Mrs. Manjoine's 5th grade classes delivered Valentines to Residents at Hershey Manor today!

Mrs. Noel's 4th Grade and Mrs. Manjoine's 5th Grade classes start the day doing Tai Chi with Caleen and Mrs. Thorson.


Mrs. Lofgren's 4th graders participated in the all-school crazy hair day, and also got to meet a new "kid" of one of their peers who plans to show it for the fair this summer.


Students in Ms. Lilenthal's math classes learned about slope, y-intercept and linear equations by creating real-life graphs. Eighth graders were given equations and had to determine the y-intercept and slope and then use this information to locate coordinates. Students then had to test their results by placing themselves on the points in the correct quadrant of the coordinate plane.


Mrs. Ortega's and Mrs. Plemmons' classes painted an Autism Awareness themed doghouse for the Muscatine Art Center's Peanuts...Naturally exhibit and fundraiser.


Last Saturday, the MHS Jazz Band and MHS Jazz Ensemble travelled to Southeast Polk to compete in the Southeast Polk Jazzfest! The MHS Jazz Band competed in the second band category and earned Best Rhythm Section of the category as well as Outstanding Solo Awards to Christina Szymanski on Vibes, Elise Shield on Alto Sax, Liz Hurlbut on Tenor Sax, Al Evans on Trombone, and Griffen Jones on Trumpet! The MHS Jazz Band placed 3rd in the second band class! The MHS Jazz Ensemble competed in the 4A category and earned best Saxophone section, Best Trombone Section, and Best Rhythm Section of the day in class 4A. Outstanding Solo Awards were earned by Jack Eichelberger on Upright Bass, Zach Miller on Bass Trombone, Joe Morrison on Tenor Sax, Ody Orr on Trumpet, Ethan Sherer on Trombone, and Chasey Sedam on Baritone Sax! The MHS Jazz Ensemble took 2nd place in class 4A! The MHS Jazz Ensemble is heading to Tallcorn in Cedar Falls today to compete! Good luck!

Congrats Muskies!

Muskie Girls Bowling will compete at the State Meet on Wednesday, February 22, in Des Moines! Good Luck Muskies!

Pictured left to right: Ragan Carey, Gabi Evans, Jaelynn Klein, Christin Swank, Kaitlyn Bierman and Emily Payne.

On Saturday the Muscatine FFA hosted a livestock judging practice for teams headed toward the Iowa Beef Expo at the Ag Learning Center. Over 12 teams (over 100 people) from 4 states came to the open practice. Muscatine had numerous high school and middle school students participating and helping run the event.

On Sunday, high school and middle school FFA members traveled to Des Moines to compete in the Iowa Beef Expo Judging Contest. Muscatine FFA was 4th overall in a contest of 39 team from across the Midwest.

Front - Kaylee Goddard, Grace Williams, Abby Enriquez; Back - Justin Moeller, Dalton Petersen, Tyler Moeller, John Brooks, Andrew VanNice

MHS Speech and Debate competed at the district meet last weekend and performed extremely well! Below are the results:

  • Wyatt Foor and Kevin Aguilar made it to the quarter finals
  • Dalton Belokopitovs made it to the quarter finals
  • Kjirstin Osland, Jessica Ahluwalia, Erin Elizalde, and Abby Haller made it to the semi final round.
  • Andrew VanNice received top alternate in INFO
  • Wyatt Mason received 2nd alternate in Program Oral Interpretation
  • Macey Jo Webber took 2nd qualification to nationals in Program Oral Interpretation
  • Jeremiah Daniels took top qualification to nationals in Program Oral interpretation
  • Gabriel Dipple took 2nd qualification to nationals in Humorous Interpretation
  • Daniel E. Salazar took top qualification in Humorous Interpretation
  • Seery Awbrey took 2nd qualification to nationals in Dramatic interpretation
  • And the duo team of Ezekiel Ellis and Destiny Williams took top qualification to the national tournament!

Muscatine as a whole also took 2nd place in Speech Sweepstakes and 3rd in overall sweepstakes. Those qualifying for nationals will travel to Birmingham, Alabama to compete in June. Great job Muskies!

On Valentine's Day, the MHS Choral Program's barbershop quartet, Solid Harmony, and jazz choir, Jazz, Etc., serenaded students and faculty with Singing Valentines. Solid Harmony also traveled to Muscatine Power and Water, Kent, and to Dr. Alan B. Evans' Dental Office to sing for community members. Singing Valentines is a fundraiser for MHS Vocal Music Activities headed up by director Teale Burford, and students ultimately sang to the tune of $446 raised overall!


District Food & Nutrition Supervisor, Alisha Eggers, takes her turn doing dishes in the Jefferson Kitchen under the direction of Food Service Employee Shawn Walker.

Jefferson Staff tried out the new 95% screener. They were role playing teacher and student.

Thank you to all you submitted pictures this week!

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