Old Quebec Quebec, Canada

Old Quebec, a beautiful balance between old and new. A beautiful city with many things to do such as art museums, theaters and old historical buildings. You also can't leave Old Quebec without trying the authentic Quebec cuisine. If you're into nature or history Old Quebec is this place for you.

Picture of Old Quebec

Old Quebec is full of history and is a great place to go to get a piece of great history. Old Quebec is divided into upper and lower town. Both have a lot of history. In 1968 Samuel De Champlain choose Upper Town as the site for Fort Saint-Louis. Parts of it still remain in Upper town. Most buildings in Upper Town date back to 19th, 18th and 17th century. In Lower Town Samuel De Champlain built a habitation and its remains can be found with Place Royale in the center. Old Quebec is full of tings to do and you will never have a dull vacation.

If history isn't really your thing then you can do many of the outdoor activities that Old Quebec offers. Some activities canoeing, hiking, biking and other fun winter activities. You can go skiing, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Some of the best places for the outdoor winter activities include Le Massif De Charlevoix, Plains of Abraham adn Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier. Another amazing outdoor place to visit is Montmorency Falls Park. The water fall is thirty centimeters higher than Niagara Falls and is just as pretty in the winter. The water turns into a light fluffy snow. You will never be bored when you visit Old Quebec.

Old Quebec has amazing cuisine and beautiful places to stay. One of the most stayed and and photographed hotels is Chatueau Frotenac. It is one of the best places to stay at and many recommend it. Not only does Old Quebec have beautiful hotels but the food is just as delightful. Old Quebec has amazing old cuisine such as meat pies, pea soup, baked beans, and of corse the most famous Canadian food the poutine. The food is said to be best at Auberge Backer, Aux Anciens Canadiens and Le Relais des Pins. When you visit you have to try the food.

If you are thinking about going on a vacation then Old Quebec is the place to go. It has many things to do and places to visit. Not to mention food to die for. Old Quebec is the perfect balance between old and new.


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