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Year 10 Media Club

Hello. We are Scott, Freya, Elliott and Hope. We are all Year 10 students at Magna Academy in Poole and we are all mad keen to explore a range of Media projects to broadcast Student Voice. We also want to give people outside Magna a look at the life of the school and the people who make up our community.

This project is called 'Meet The Teacher'. Every now and again we will be interviewing and photographing one of the Magna teachers. We will be publishing each interview as a microsite (like this one) and then broadcasting it via hyperlinks from the school's social media channels.

If you like what we do, please remember to click on the little 'appreciation' heart at the end of this microsite page.

Thank you.

Our next volunteer interviewee is Miss Clampin.

Miss Clampin joined Magna in September 2018 as a Teacher of Science, primarily biology, and she's definitely a popular choice among students when we all discuss "who's your favourite teacher?".

Like Mr Harries, we wanted to ask Miss Clampin a few questions to help students and families to get to know her better too. As a group we hope that this project will help the students of the academy and their parents feel more familiar with the staff because it is very common in secondary school for students and their families not to know the teachers so well. We think relationships and understanding are important if you're going to...

absolutely smash your GCSE’s!!!

Anyway, you know the drill, let's get to the questions…

First we asked Miss Clampin the same nice easy starter question:

Q: "what did you have for breakfast this morning?"

She told us that she had an "apple pie flavoured thrive bar", and that it was filled with vitamins and minerals, and everything tastes better with apple pie flavour.

Just makes us a bit hungry really...

We then asked her a more useful question:

Q: "what made you want to teach?"

Miss Clampin then told us all about her amazing form tutor she was lucky enough to have support her all the way through secondary school; Something we are sure you'll agree is a rare, possibly even miraculous occurrence. It was this teacher that inspires her to "support students in the same way [she] was supported".

University of Chichester

Miss Clampin's style is incredibly eye catching, and so we asked her:

Q: "Why the tattoos and the piercings?"

To which she replied "Why not?!". Her fiancée is a tattoo artist and piercer. She has many tattoos, "Some have deep meaning and some just look nice.".

Then we tried out a tricky one again...

Q: "What would be your name if your Forename was your first pet's name and your Surname was your first BOYfriend's surname?"

Miss Clampin was prepared from the question, since it seems to have sparked many a conversation, and replied:

Ross Newman

Which just sounds like a regular dad name, quite disappointing really Miss Clampin, but when we tried to give her a second chance by asking the same question, but with her current dog...

Ogis Newman

...was marginally better, and brought up how she was "looking forward to seeing Ogis more than [her] own fiancée", an understandable comment we thought after hearing about Ogis some more.

We then asked Miss Clampin about her other love:

Q: "why science?"

To which she replied that she found Science "fascinating", telling us about her Degree in Animal Science. Highlighting how interesting the subject is to her, she said:

"It's the best subject in the world, it fascinates me, it's the basis of everything".

We then asked her:

Q: "who is your celebrity look alike?"

And she told us that she'd asked one of her students this after reading Mr Harries' interview. The student told her that she looked:

"like the lady from 'The Greatest Showman'... THE BEARDED ONE!!"

before backtracking a lot and saying that when she was out of makeup, they both looked beautiful.

What do you think? We thought that she looked a bit more like Elizabeth Taylor in the film 'Cleopatra', they certainly have the ionic eyeliner in common.

Next we asked her:

Q: "What IS YOUR favourite field of science... and why?"

To which she replied:

"Biology- it's the most applicable in life and just the best! It's literally everything, it makes up everything and it is the basis of everything."

Next, we asked Miss Clampin about one of the most popular topics at school at the moment:

Q: "Why kenya*? why now?"

(*In case you're unaware, Miss Clampin is currently fund-raising like crazy to get 12 Magna students to Kenya in the summer of 2020. Her efforts are becoming the stuff of legend.)

She first of all said she was "a bit bored" and that she "wanted a tan", before explaining:

"I love this school, but I want to expand on the extracurricular non-academic learning. I went to Borneo in the summer, it was incredible and I saw kids literally transforming in front of me, their characters and personalities grew, and I wanted to give the kids here the same opportunity."

You can learn more about the Kenya 2020 Expedition by clicking here.

We then asked her:

Q: "Who is your inspiration in life?"

After thinking for a while, she told us that it would have to be her tutor again, saying quite simply:

"She was amazing."

and had helped her through a lot.

We then asked:

Q: "What is your favourite word that you have encountered during DEAr?"

"Bombastic, from Moby Dick"

she said, which somehow evoked something quite musical within all of us in the room.

Finally, we asked Miss Clampin:

Q: "how would rate this interview, say... out of ten?"

She confidently answered:


for which we happily thanked her.

Again, we'd like to thank Miss Clampin massively, for answering our mad and slightly intrusive questions, and for giving us equally as mad and wonderful answers. Also, thank you for reading this and the last issue, we are grateful for the support and brilliant feedback we have been given, and we hope you continue to enjoy the Meet The Teacher series.

Watch out for the next issue of Meet The Teacher. We hope it goes down well with the Magna community and with all our friends in the bigger world, as the last issue did.

The Magna Media Club

Created By
Freya, Elliott, Scott & Hope (Y10 Media Club)


Created with images by flomo001 - "apple pie apple cake" • sydney Rae - "untitled image" • geralt - "dna genetic material helix" • kikatani - "elephant africa african elephant"All our photography of Miss Clampin was taken by this student team.

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