My Grade 9 Self By: MAria lucas

My name is Maria Lucas. Some physical activities I have done in the past is swimming, dance, skating, babysitting, and elementary school gym. I started swimming when I was about 4. I enjoyed swimming, and it helped me to be able to hold my breathe longer, and that would mean I have a bigger lung capacity which is awesome for when I play the trumpet. I never really enjoyed dance, but I did it to keep active because we would do workouts during class. Dance also helped me to have better balance. My favourite sport in elementary school was badminton and volleyball they were always really fun, and I always looked forward to playing. I was on the soccer team, the volleyball team, and the 2-pitch team in elementary school.


During the fitness unit my wall sit improved, and same with my beep test. My fitness score for wall sit was 1 minute 46 seconds. The second time I did wall sit the time was 2 minutes 5 seconds. I think my wall sit changed because at the beginning of the year I didn't go to the gym (dynafit) and now I go to the gym every week. While I'm at the gym I'll do leg workouts, so I think that's why my wall sit improved. My first time doing the beep test my score was 4.1. Then, my recent beep test was 5.7. I think the reason why it improved was because I didn't try the first time. I just got tired, and didn't want to do it anymore.

Field Hockey

Field hockey was a fun sport to learn. Some of the difficulties of learning a new sport is learning the skills because it takes practice, and we only just started field hockey; moreover, you have to find your strengths in the sport, and improve your weaknesses. Also, not being able to hit the ball with your feet, and not using the back of your stick. The hardest part of field hockey for me was stick handling because all the sticks are right handed, and I'm most comfortable with a left handed stick. It was almost like starting from scratch because you have to learn to shoot a different way, and handle the ball. Luckily, I learned quickly and now I can play with right and left handed sticks.

Track and Field

If I had to participate on the track and field team I would participate in triple jump. The reason why I would participate in this event is it's my strongest event. Last year I got 5th place in triple jump during track and field. Also, I love triple jump more than any of the other sports. I could improve by not looking at the ground when I'm doing my hop, step, and jump. I should look up in the air so I get more air time which equals a further distance.


Football was enjoyable to play during class . The first step to hutting the football is to get in postition. The position is having your legs shoulder width apart and knees bent with the ball in both hands with the point of the football touching the ground. Next, you look to see where the quarterback is when your in ready position, so look in between your legs to find the quarterback. After, the quarterback will say hut which gives the ok to hut the ball. Try and aim the ball to the quarterbacks chest. Lastly throw the ball, and it's ok if it's not perfect because you will get with more practice.


I love volleyball myself, but I think the reason why volleyball is so enjoyable is because it's a different sport. There isn't another sport like it. Another reason could be because it's easy to learn the rules. Maybe since volleyball is a team sport it doesn't make people as selfish as maybe they would be in another sport. I think a lot of people like team sports like volleyball because you need more than one person to play a game.


During the badminton unit I played both doubles and singles. I would play both because they both have there pros and cons. Like in doubles you don't have to run as much, but if you have a weaker partner it would be a bit tougher to play your opponents. However, in singles you are playing by yourself, but it is just you playing. So, I guess I would play doubles because it is easier to play than singles, but I would still play both.


It is really important to have strong decision making skills because than you should always be making good decisions that will keep you and the people around safe. Like when your invited to a party you would make a good decision like have a D.D, or have your mom come pick you up at certain time. Also, it's good to have decision making skills when you apply for your universities or colleges, so you know that you are making he right choice for yourself and you future. Another reason could be for when you decide what you want your career in the future.

Advice To My Grade 9 Self

The first semester of grade 9 was life changing. Making new friends, and trying new things. Some advice I would give to the future grade 9s is be yourself. It's the best way to find friends, and to do and find things that interest you. If your not yourself you will have a hard time getting through high school, and life. Also, you should always get your work done because if you don't then you will stress out over everything. Make sure you study for every test because this isn't elementary school anymore. Test are very important. Don't be afraid of talking to new people, and to ask questions when you don't get something. It's normal to get less sleep during these next few years, but school before entertainment, and SLEEP. High school can be the best or worst 4 years of your life. It's your decision how you want your high school years to go. I hope you make good choices.

BY: Maria Lucas


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