Sumatran Tiger An endangered Species

A Sumatran Tiger is an orange, white and black cat. It weighs around 220-660 pounds and is about 4-10 feet in length.
Sumatran Tigers live only on the islands of Sumatra of the Malaysian Peninsula. Their habitat can range anywhere from lowland forests to mountain forests. They eat other animals to survive, such as ungulates, birds, fish, and monkeys.
There is lots of agricultural growth that has caused the tigers habitat to decrease.Because of this, they don't have as many places to live, so they're being pushed into places where they wouldn't normally live, where there's not much space. Also, there have been people hunting the tigers which has caused their population to dramatically decrease. There is an estimated 500-600 Sumatran Tigers left, but the number may be as low as 400. In 1987 there were around 1,000 Tigers.
They now live in 5 protected national parks and 2 game reserves, though around 100 live in unprotected areas that will probably be lost to agriculture soon.
Sumatran Tigers are endangered. By stopping the hunting of these tigers and protecting their environment, we can save these beautiful tigers.


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