Canbury School Newsletter 4th October 2019. issue 171

Dear Parents and Visitors

I think some of you are trying to kill me with cake! Thank you very much to all those who brought cake, bought cake, ate cake and generally helped us all 'cake out' this morning at our annual Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning. As ever it was simply lovely to take time out from busy schedules and enjoy a cuppa, a natter (oh and some cake) and raise funds for a worthy cause. In the event, I can announce Max in Year 10 is our star baker for his simply divine chocolate, coffee, cream and raspberry roulade. Hot on his heels for runner up was Year 7 student Olivia M's mum, whose carrot cake with pineapple must surely have counted as one of my vegetables and one of my fruit portions for the day. Yes? The other fabulous news is that we raised a whopping £197.75 for this amazing charity. What's not to love?

A mad rush at break time for cake, parents enjoy a more leisurely early morning cup of coffee and we can confirm, Mrs Hurrell really did enjoy that slice of cake.

We've had a very busy Assessment Week with a lovely group of Year 6s coming in to trial Canbury. What's been heart-warming to see is our Year 7s showing them the ropes! This time last year they were the shy ones, now they've been helping out and showing their peers about as if they've been here for years. Our new Year 7s are truly blossoming, and it's only October. Keep up the good work!

Finally a special mention for Evia this week for her kindness to our visiting Reenie, helping her throughout the day and inviting her to go to the lunchtime art club with her - another random act of kindness at Canbury.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Thomas, Freddie, Layla and Chloe for their support of the Year 6 students trialling this week.

Layla for her enthusiasm and support with setting up the lunch club and the Year 6 students trialling this week.

All of year 7 for their enthusiastic approach to Mathematics this week.

All of year 7s for their great contribution and focus in the well being class.

Year 8

Flora for her energy at dance club!

Well done to all the Spanish students for their excellent effort and concentration during their first Spanish test. Mrs Porter was very impressed with you all.

Carl for his support of others in Mathematics this week.

Zac and Flora for their focus and determination to solve the puzzles in Wednesday’s strategy games and puzzles club.

Year 9

Ain for her keen participation in the clubs this week.

Mrs Porter is also delighted with her Year 9 students, as they too made excellent progress in their first Spanish test. You're on a roll!

Year 10

All of Year 10 students for their perseverance and hard work in Mathematics this week.


To mark UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day tomorrow, the DfE is encouraging teachers and leaders across the country to share their thoughts and stories about what makes them proud to teach. Here's what two of ours said:

Mrs Rich: Sharing my passions for respect and kindness with the next generation makes me #proudtoteach
Mr Natt: I'm #proudtoteach because because nothing can be more important than young people developing the ability to be able to express their thoughts and emotions clearly, authentically and convincingly. Unless it be to understand and evaluate the words of others to gauge their messages and intentions. For this is the basis of all human relationships at individual, community and global levels.

Winter Festival at Canbury, a new tradition.

Writes Mr Batten: "Preparations are well under way now for our Winter festival and I’ve been impressed with the maturity and enthusiasm from lots of students. Special mention to Evia in Year 7 for making an excellent start on learning her lines as Sherlock Holmes and Anders in Year 8 for already using his voice well to create the majestic and commanding character of Aslan."

Details of the Winter Festival event, which will be held in November and will replace the Christmas show in the last week of term, will be sent home in due course.

It's a beautiful creative world we live in!

Take a look at the artwork below, which was done by Evia in Year 7, who was crowned Canbury's artist of the month for September. Mrs Smith says she has got off to a fantastic start with both her art and graphics work. "A true talent to look out for in the future, keep up the fantastic work Evia" says Mrs Smith. Praise indeed!

Work from Evia in Year 7 - what a start to her Canbury life!

Meanwhile, Anders was busy last weekend creating more of his fantastic stop motion animation films. The Year 8s therefore ended their graphics lesson this week having a sneaky peak of episode 1. Mrs Smith and the students are looking forward to the next instalment. Keep up the great work Anders.

Don't you just love their faces?!

House competition next Friday!

A mystery prize awaits the winners of next week's House Competition. Mr Bourgi was keeping it under wraps when asked today, but he assures us those turning up next Friday lunchtime for the playground football challenge won't be disappointed if they are the victors. So Noble, Johnson and Campbell, bring your trainers, bring your winning head, bring your will to get involved in get stuck in! We'll see you there.

Sport round-up

On a glorious Wednesday afternoon the Canbury first and second football teams faced off against Blossom House (writes Mr Sutton).

The first team was captained by Joe, who did a great job distributing the ball from the centre of the park, many fine stops were made by Max, with the fast paced game finishing in fine spirits, even though Canbury just lost with 7 goals to 9.

The game on pitch 2 was an evenly matched with the side locked 1-1 at half time. Oscar was putting in a fine defensive performance along with Sebastian, who unfortunately got on the score sheet at the wrong end of the park. The game opened up with Ben scoring a fine goal, unfortunately Canbury began to tire and the opposition won the game 6-3.

'A' team: Back left to right: Max, Miles, Joe, James, Alex. Front: Pascal, Shiroxley.
'B' team: Left to right: Ben, Felix, Matthew, Alexander, Luca, Chris, Sebastian.
Watersports for KS3 certainly had a slightly autumnal feel on Thursday afternoon after the warm weather of recent weeks. Undeterred, another great session was had on the water with students making lots of progress. Special mentions to Flora and Phoebe (for superb paddling technique) from Mr Gregor’s group; Freddie, Ollie and Evia from Mr Temple’s group and Lauren, Lucas and Shaaiyon (for being the most improved on the paddle board) from Mr Barnes group. Well done all! Please note that both KS3 and KS4/ 5 will be back to kayaking next week for their afternoon Games sessions.

Sport timetable for this half term at Canbury.