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Photo Credit: Trevor Raab

It's Been a While...

...since you've heard from us. We know. It's been a busy year, and besides that it's high time you got to know us, the actual "us", a bit better.

Sean Coffey - VYNL Bikes designer and social media heartthrob

You see, VYNL is our passion project. Making great bikes for our friends is what we pour our hearts, souls and hours into when we're not at our respective 9-to-5's. Along the way, life happens and we also do things like moving across the country, or have babies or get hitched. And through it all, VYNL keeps going.

Sophie (Ballo) Coffey - Marketing Maven and slave to three cats

Sure, sometimes we don't do the social media thing as often as we'd like, and that might be due to life getting in the way, or it could be that we're busy prepping bikes for customers, or even that we're out riding. Fortunately, the bike industry is a pretty amazing thing, and when we reemerge for the Saturday morning group ride or the weekly gram post we know everyone will be waiting for us with high fives and a hand up (hey, it is CX season still).

Ming Tan - Ops and Finances and Black Magic

Honestly, we like it this way. We get to create rad bikes for rad folks like you, and because we have no outside investors and can operate in the black, it means we get to be true to who we are, and what we want to be as a company.

Mr. X - Sales Guru and looking like a badass while remaining anonymous

But that doesn't mean we haven't done some awesome things in 2018, or that we don't have big plans for 2019. So to fill you in, here are some of the latest hits from VYNL, and what to watch out for:

VYNL CX Review on Bicycling.com

Photo: Trevor Raab

Matt Phillips had the chance to get to know one of our VYNL CX bikes...and what do you know? He said that it will, "change your mind about Aluminum Race Bikes." Pretty awesome considering that was the whole goal. Oh, and he also mentioned that our CX bikes are still on sale while supplies last. Which they are.

Team Dream Team

VYNL recently partnered with @ItsNotABikeShop at their latest Pop-Up location, and you can still see some of our bikes on display at The Cup House.

2019 NAHBS Bound

If you've wanted to meet us in person (and come on, who doesn't?), then you're in luck. VYNL will be in Sacramento this March at the North America Handmade Bike Show. Look for some super rad projects and collaborations that are too hot to give away right now...

What's it Di2 it to you?

VYNL Will Sponsor a Major Player on the Racing Scene...

Here's another one of those super secret sneak peaks that we can't share the details of just yet - BUT - we've got a team lined up that will have our bikes rolling in a whole new league of competition. Stay tuned for more on this project.

Thanks to All of You

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you who've ever liked one of our pics on Instagram, read one of our blogs, signed up for email, or reached out to us with a question. Being small means that we can also be mighty, but we wouldn't be anything without you.

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