Dreams Iliana Alcantar final project 2016

Universal Theme

Not everything works out the way you planned.

"Of mice and men"

The book Of Mice and Men portrays the concept that not everything works out the way you planned.

"O.k. Someday- we're gonna get the jaCk together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and-" (14).

In the book, Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie are two friends that have big dreams. They wanted to find a job so that they are able to buy the house of their dreams. They wanted a little house with animals and crops to live off of. They eventually get a job and meet a man named Candy who is willing to put $350 so that they can get the house.


"He pulled the trigger. The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again. Lennie jarred, and then settled slowly foward to the sand, and he lay without quivering." (106)

In contrast of what they had planned, Lennie unintentionally murders Curley's wife, causing the men hunting down Lennie, planning on torturing him. Lennie was able to escape before they found him and hid in bushes by the river, waiting for George. George eventually caught up with him, comforted him, telling him about the house and the rabbits, then putting a bullet through his head.

As you can see their dream did not come true.


"When i pass a SQUIRREL hole,i wish to crawl into it and hIde mYself. My own people arE like me. I must go home to them, panchO" (8)

Tularecito is a troubled kid who wishes to find his "kind", where he belongs. While he was searching some man covered one of the holes he had dug up "interfering" with what Tularecito had planned.

"The chrysanthemums"

Elisa had a passion for chrysanthemums. The story took place when women did not have equal rights. Elisa wanted her plants to go a journey that she would never be able to expierence. One day a man visits asking if she had any work for him to do, she rejected. He then says that he knows an old lady that wants chrysanthemums, getting her attention. She accepts and gives him a pot of chrysanthemums. On the way to town, she sees her plants on the side of the road.

Forrest gump

" my mom always said, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

In the movie Forrest Gump, there are a lot of plans and dreams that did not go the way they were supposed to go.

Character examples

Jenny: She wanted to be a famous singer, but she began doing drugs and became depressed.

Bubba: He wanted to continue the shrimp business with Forrest, but sadly he passed away during the war.

Forrest and Jenny: They assumed that they were going to grow old together, but Jenny passed away.

How this relates to today

People assume that everything is going to go their way all the time. Meaning their life is going to be perfect and they're never going to have trouble. Obviously that's not how it goes. Once it comes to not going the way they planned it to go, they complain about it.

In conclusion...

Things may not always work out the way we planned but that doesn't mean that there isn't another solution.

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