Florida Museum of Natural History by Carter Quam

Nature on Display

The cave exhibit caught my attention and I instantly became immersed in the details of the man made cave made to mirror a cave in Florida. The stalagmites and stalactites stood out to me as they seemed to be natures own sculptures. The cave also had information explaining how these natural sculptures formed by rain water percolating down into caves. Caves are very hard places to visit so this exhibit gave me an insight that I could not find anywhere else. The visual representation along with the information really gave me a better understanding of caves and what animals are found there. Being able to experience the darkness and eeriness of the cave made my experience interesting and very enjoyable.

Me in the Cave Exhibit. Photographed by Carter Quam. January 23 2018.

Nature and Ethics

As time goes by and the human race progresses we seem to forget about nature and the impact the environment has on us. The Native American exhibit gave me the opportunity to understand how humans were able to coexist with nature and actually respect the benefits and dependence we have with nature. Seeing these life like visuals of the Calusa tribe being part of the biotic community gave me hope for the future. I believe if we were once able to respect and appreciate nature then we will be able to change our current destructive behaviors towards the environment for the sake of future generations. This exhibit instilled an ethical responsibility similar to Leopald that I need to do my part to preserve our beautiful world.

Me in front of the Calusa tribe exhibit. Photograph taken by Carter Quam. January 23 2018.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The butterfly exhibit opened up my eyes to nature and the universe as I quietly sat back and and just enjoyed the majestic and relaxing environment. All of my problems seemed to disappear as I watched the butterflies fly from flower to flower. This exhibit gave me the opportunity to step out of my ordinary life and enjoy the wonders of natures that I rarely see. It helped put myself and my surroundings into perspective and reminded me to enjoy the simple and little things in life. The Florida Museum of Natural History was able to make me appreciate the beauty and mystery of nature even more.

Me in the Butterfly Exhibit. Photograph by Carter Quam. January 23 2018.

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