Porterville College Transfer Center AC-125

The mission of the Porterville College Transfer Center is to assist students to transfer beyond the community college into public, private, or independent colleges/universities. The Transfer Center makes available to students, counselors, and faculty advisors current information and resources to facilitate the transfer process.

California State University (CSU) Minimum Transfer Requirements:

Golden Four: Communications (A-1), EnglishP101a (A-2), Critical Thinking (A-3) and Math (B-4), 2.0 GPA, and 60 units.

FALL Application: October 1st - November 30th

SPRING Application: August 1st - August 31st

University of California (UC) Minimum Transfer Requirements:

7 Course Pattern: Two transferable courses in English composition, one transferable course in math, four transferable college courses from at least two of the following: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and physical/biological sciences.

Complete at least 60 semester units and earn a C or better in each course, 2.4 GPA, complete required/recommended courses for intended major.

FALL Application: November 1st - November 30th

SPRING Application: July 1st - July 31st

CA Independent & Private Universities

AICCU 85 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities are located throughout California and provide regional access for students.

The AICCU Transfer Commitment is part of the sector's commitment to serve all types of California students. Transfer pathways include campus articulation agreements, and the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program.

Questions? Contact us!

Educational Advisor Connie Oropeza and Counselor Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde
  • Connie Oropeza: concepcion.oropeza@portervillecollege.edu
  • Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde: solmedo@portervillecollege.edu


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