Good Life Nature Activity JOhnson Jaime Section 0889

Nature on Display

Butterfly Rainforest

One of my most favorite exhibits was the Butterfly Rain-forest. This exhibit captured my attention because it was a walk through nature. I felt this helped me understood a lot about nature because I was able to be immersed unlike any of the other mediums. The butterflies were the most enjoyable part as well because they enhanced my overall mood.

Close up of a butterfly

More butterfles!

Nature and Ethics

Calusa Tribe

Here with sculptures presenting the Calusa tribe has help me discover nature in the way Leopold recommends. To "love, respect, and admire" the land, which was prominent through out the native american civilizations. I felt and sense very close with this section because I sympathized with the Native Americans. From what I have seen, other people reacted very similarly judging from their sad looks displaying on their faces. The museum helped me interact more with this section through the use of third dimensional objects including the hut made from hay that was made allowed to enter. My experience has indeed instilled an ethical responsibility on the way we treat nature and culture because it is what embodies into these artifacts from this Native American Tribe.

Shipwreck Artifacts!

Inside the hut!

Nature and Human Spirit

Bountiful Estuary

The natural history museum helps us step outside the ordinary life and view the world in a new perspective. Like this Bountiful Estuary section that gives you a good view of what is down below the ocean and viewing an underwater perspective. This helps us understand who we are because it helps us appreciate the beauty this mysterious world has to offer. Just look at these underwater friends and tell me they are not cute?

Just look at the Eel!

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