Photo Shoot part 2 Taking Pictures and Editing

Day of the Shoot

  • Test your camera before heading out by taking a few pictures
  • If your shoot involves people, get them done first so as to not waste any of their time
  • Do your buildings, product or other type shots after any people
  • Get some solid shots before doing anything creative. You want to get paid.
  • Be ready to work with difficult people or bad lighting. Have a plan.
  • At all times, remain professional.

After the Shoot

  • Make sure you have backed up your photos to at least one other device before leaving your shoot.
  • It is just a piece of insurance that will leave you feeling better.
  • Take some notes of what went well and what didn't work. Every time you photograph you learn more.

Editing Your Work

  • Try to put yourself in the place of the person who will be viewing/buying your photographs
  • Review their wants before doing any edits
  • If possible, give the photos a few days before doing any serious editing
  • Editing usually involves a rough edit and then a final edit.
  • Organize the files in folders for each edit

Delivering Your Photos

  • Do one final look at the photos and if your gut tells you to fix something, do it. Sometimes photos need a bump in contrast and/or saturation
  • Do the edits on copies of the photos
  • Ask the client what they want for delivery, CD, DVD, USB drive etc.
  • Meet with the person who is going to use the images in case they have any questions
  • The whole process can be a bit stressful from start to finish, but in the end you should have pride in knowing you finished. You should also be more confident with your next assignment.


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