Razorback Gallery Mundy's Mill Middle School Virtual Art Gallery

Welcome to the Razorback Gallery! Scroll through each project and see what the Mundy's Mill Middle School artists have been up to. Enjoy!

The Repeating Shape Tag Project

Art students used Google Slides to create this piece. They created and repeated shapes throughout the background, chose a color scheme, and decided how to make their name stand out from the background. Not only did they use the Element of Art Shape, but also used Principles of Design like Pattern, Contrast, and Emphasis. Let's start with the 6th Grade . . .

Koran Mason
Jessica Salas - Lopez
Jasline Daniel
Jaliyah Upshaw
Israel Elizalde
Gisselle Reyes-Torres
Aveyonna Greenlee
Amelia Imumorin
Amberlyn Martinez-Rodriguez
Alexander Martinez
Jordyn Dorsey
Sylence Jones
Sasha Borjas
Marc Shufford
Kathy Nguyen
Kaiden Stillwell
Jessica Nguon
Jayden Redd
Gionni Etheridge
Chyanne Pinckney
Cameron Lewis
Autumn Williams

Alright! Now let's look at 7th Grade . . .

Zion Homer
Victoria Umoh
Marquel Colden
Marisa Molina
Madelynn Dennis
Lizzy Fonkwo
Jazmine Ramirez
Jada Morman
Caleb Martin
Yaquelin Salas-Lopez
Mercy Akhabue
Jaslyn Dawson
Jaravoni Heung
Jaelon Ham
Hector Duenas
Caileb Birmingham
Aliyah Adams

And now for the 8th Grade . . .

Timiyah James
Onyekachi Nibo
Maya Hickox
Maryam Diagne
Makayla Powell
Leah Johnson
Javier Zamora
Hugo Segundo
Ashton Culbreath
Alayshia Washington
Akahri Laster
Malikai Benjamin
Kila-Ray Brown
Kennedy King
Faith Royal
Cherish Meyers
Aliyah Bangura
Adrian Waddles

Thanks for checking out the Repeating Shape Tag Project. Keep scrolling down to see the Atlanta Mural Project . . . Stay tuned for upcoming projects in the Art Department!

Artwork by Mario Daniel

Students began the project discussing several murals by local artists here in Atlanta. Some of the artists we looked at were Mario Daniel, Eric Nine, Lela Brunet, Sever, and others.

Atlanta currently has over a thousand murals . . . there was a lot to talk about!

What the students did . . .

Let's start with 6th Grade and take a look at each grade level's work!

Kathy Nguyen
Jayden Redd
Chyanne Pinckney
Marc Shufford
Jessica Salas-Lopez
Jasline Daniel
Zyon Graves
London Philistin
Jessica Nguon
Darnell Cortez
Benjamin Florence

Now let's see the 7th grade!

Victoria Umoh
Jazmine Ramirez
Jaravoni Heung
Yaquelin Salas-Lopez
Mercy Akhabue
Zion Homer

And now for the 8th Grade!

Ameerah Hurst
Jordan Montes
Maya Hickox
Artist: Mario Daniel

Check back with us soon to see the next project!!