GoMune Product Launch Treatment

Proposed Scope

We agree with you, two videos, one-minute each, is a smart approach. You'll be able to capture two different styles, potentially appeal to differing target markets, and not dilute the concept of either video by averaging. We'll call the promos "lifestyle" and "studio" for easy differentiation.

The Lifestyle Promo

Nailing an implicit but specific vibe is vital on this one. You mentioned entertaining the idea of a humorous video, but recognize the danger: If a video intended to be funny is not funny then it doesn't work at all. We're in an age where people aim for viral and end up embarrassed. When it comes to health, humor can also be a touchy subject. That said, a generic "lifestyle" video that simply shows happy people using a product does little to differentiate your brand. Here are two ideas, one more traditional, the other (appropriately) humorous but memorable.


Option A aims to encapsulate the following concept: Sickness puts life on hold. It halts work, inhibits relationships, and can even bring communities to a standstill.

Sickness STOPS.

Health is enabling; it gives us power and passion to tackle every opportunity at our best.

GoMune GOES.

While this message may or may not ever be explicitly stated in the lifestyle promo, the idea is represented in a series of life situations. They needn't all directly relate to health. It could be a mountain biker mustering courage for a tough downhill run, an admirer looking to start a relationship, a job candidate looking to nail an interview. Meet life's challenges with the ideal you, not the sick you. Don't be stopped by sickness, GO with GoMune. That sort of vibe.

You'd indicated interest in something similar to the Kashi Go® line where each cereal is associated with a certain power word: "Go Shine", "Go Crush" etc. This is similar in spirit to the "Stop/Go" idea and could likely be implemented without risk of infringement (we're not attorneys mind you) as long as you're picking different "go" word pairings.

Lifestyle Option B

Kids are good at finding germs in the most disgustingly-creative ways imaginable. Everyone relates to this, as revealed by a simple Google® or social media search.

Imagine what a mom goes through in a day trying to keep her family's immunity protected. It's a near-futile task. Kids take their personal germ exposure to extremes; what if Mom took equally-drastic measures? Kids pick up gum from the sidewalk or roll around a public bathroom floor. What if mom slathered them, head-to-toe in hand sanitizer? Or instead of counting to 20 at the bathroom sink, imagine a child-sized mountain of bubbles with two little arms poking out the front, while mom counts to 5,000. There is potential for numerous visual gags that will stop someone in their tracks on social media, both via the kids' gross antics as well as Mom's extreme responses.

That said, this product lineup isn't just gummies for kids. Though an argument could possibly be made that women in the target demographic buy health products for others as much as for themselves, it's important to feature both Dad and Mom at some point enjoying other products in the GoMune lineup. The kid stuff provides humor, sentiment and visual gag, but the product is for everyone. The idea could be implemented a thousand different ways, but a well-rounded promo could go something like this:

Mom and kids grab a few things at the grocery store for a picnic. It should be a simple task, but kids employ their typical disregard for cleanliness. Mom gets increasingly frustrated trying to shop while policing hygiene: "ewww, don't put that in your mouth", or "honey, that's gum, don't touch that". Hand washing trips to the bathroom and using store-provided hand sanitizer interrupt the shopping. At the picnic scene, a youngster from the playground offers to share his half-eaten lollipop with the kids and that's the trigger. Mom has an internal mental breakdown. She envisions germs on everything, pictures her kids going to exaggerated extremes (licking the used lollipop, eating the discarded gum, etc.) She envisions her equally-extreme responses (full-body hand sanitizer slather, bubble mountain at the sink, etc.). It's almost too much, but mom takes a breath, composes herself and takes control. She declines the lollipop with a friendly "how about something better" and gives the kids GoMune gummies. Dad joins the picnic, enjoys another product from the GoMune line with Mom and they're able to relax together and watch the kids play.

GoMune = Protection = Peace of Mind

That's the message. There's no health claim–the product doesn't provide instant and complete immunity against these specific scenarios; nor do we condone a reckless lifestyle. GoMune simply provides greater peace of mind and that's what is being sold. The exaggerated gross kid antics are all in Mom's imagination, as are the extreme sanitization measures. Mom's internal mental tension is relaxed by the product, making it clear that complete immunization of kids is not the claim. In summary, we feel like this strikes a good balance: funny, safe, and sincere. GoMune means focusing on the things we love instead of the things we fear.

There are other ways to use some of the visual scroll-stopping gags (e.g. excessive hand sanitizer and bubble mountain) if you're looking for something social-media-ready but slightly less disruptive. Any way we package it, the idea has great social media potential for future cutdowns.

The Studio Promo

The studio shoot is fairly straightforward. We can incorporate the elements you like in the shared reference video and include the demographics you request. We suggest a full studio day and getting around 5–10 interview candidates so we have options. Our studio's proximity and state-of-the-art setup will allow us to make this along with the other videos within budget and without compromising quality.

Each product in the GoMune lineup will borrow content from these studio "interviews", creating four 15-second product-specific cutdowns. That should give time for a couple testimonial phrases plus an animated graphic with a bulleted product feature list.

Small animated drawing elements like those below can add a bit of personality and distinction; it's a very popular technique on Instragram–we dub it the "animated scribble". If present in the lifestyle video this element could also subtly tie the studio shoot to the lifestyle shoot (e.g. this could be how we show Mom "seeing" the germs). The drawn elements would likely not be neon since the styles may not mesh, but we'd maintain the highly expressive hand-drawn animated feel.


Our proposal per your budget and campaign requirements is this:

  • A one-minute lifestyle piece contrasting the stagnation of sickness with the get-up-and-go of GoMune OR a one-minute lifestyle piece, humorously relatable, but with a sincere message that GoMune provides immunity protection and peace of mind.
  • A one-minute studio piece, dynamic, personable, fresh and fun. Real people use and enjoy the GoMune product line.
  • 15-second cutdowns of each of the four products in the line: Daily Defense, Elderberry Boost, 7-day Immune Kit, and Elderberry Gummies. These would feature a mix of testimonials from the studio piece and some lively animated graphics.


We know your existing product lines and can provide unmatched value by doing product photo rendering and using the same assets in video production. We are right next door making it easy for you to be as involved as you'd like in envisioning, executing and reviewing the finished product. We care about what we put our name to and are eager to join you in making your product launch a success.

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