RMS Library Report September 2016

This month we wrapped up library orientations with 7th and 8th grade, had all ELA classes come through to check out books for free reading and projects, and we celebrated Banned Books Week!

Book Olympics Summer Reading Party! We had mini-golf, basketball, a "balance beam" and an obstacle course!

Quick stats

  • In the 21 days we were open in September:
  • 3,279 books checked out (including 40 Overdrive check outs)
  • 1760 students visited independently
  • 53 classes taught by the librarian
  • Duct Tape Wallets maker event attended by 33 students
  • Washer Jewelry maker event attended by 11 students

We checked out 3,279 books in September! That's over 156 a day!

About 1,760 students came to the library on their own, either before or after school, or during class with a pass from their teacher. That's an average of 84 a day, still lower than some averages from last year. We think having ELA classes come through for a quick check out period every 3 weeks is cutting down that walk-in traffic a little bit.

Mrs. Jenkins did a quick lesson on the First Amendment and Banned Books Week for visiting ELA classes. Students discussed the meaning of the First Amendment, and how it applies to their ability to have diverse books in the library.

Mrs. Jenkins saw all the 6th grade students during their ELA classes for Library Orientation! We talked about all the awesome stuff in the library and took the genre interest quiz to help them determine what sections might be a good place to browse for interesting books, since our fiction is organized by genre. We also did a quick refresher for a few 7th grade classes.

Coming Soon...
  • Makerspace Workshops
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21 (3:30-4:30) - Duct Tape Wallets
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27 (3:30-4:30) - Washer Necklaces

Book Fair - Oct. 31-Sept.4

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