Producer, DJ and community organizer Andrew Mallinoff goes by “Loch Raven”-- named after a wilderness area that he often explored growing up and the reservoir that serves as the water source for where he now lives in Baltimore, Maryland. From airy melodic vocal accompaniments to bass lines that build from gritty lows to the feeling of wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, Andrew’s music channels the journey of being a human experiencing both the lifegiving and sometimes harsh elements of the natural world.

Tenth is a progressive house track inspired by LOCH RAVEN's 3000-mile trip across the country in a 1977 Crown School Bus. The soothing bass and buzzy, warm leads are reminiscent of driving down the I-10 through the vast deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The consistent beat and satisfying percussive accents feel exactly like shifting the bus into tenth gear and cruising there endlessly.

“Blue” (LOCH RAVEN Remix) has that distinctive LOCH RAVEN style with the shimmering slap of the drums alongside the pulsing bassline. Taking you on journey back in time, the original "Blue", a collaboration between Rob Love and Gate Citizens tells a familiar story built on a compelling beat. Rob Love draws you in with plain and relatable lyrics packaged with an airy harmony. Now, building on this irresistible tune is the high trumpet-sounding synths lift the energy and tone while retaining the longing of Rob Love’s vocals.

“Disappear” captures a movement, both emotionally in the vocals and physically in the structure and production of the song itself. It brings the listener in with a warm opening and then explodes into a soaring chorus that oscillates around the hook. In writing “Disappear,” Andrew was often inspired by some of his favorite tracks by G Jones and ODESZA that not only deploy rapidly shifting frequencies, but also significant left/right/mono panning to create a dynamic experience for the listener.

“How Can I Forget You” is about shifting and adjusting perspective until you get the full picture. It opens with dispersed instrumentals and several blurry versions of Alek’s vocal hook. The layers come increasingly into focus every second to reveal an incredibly catchy, multi-dimensional dance track at the drop. In writing it, Andrew thought about RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Live from Joshua Tree performance and how the band masterfully pushes the perspective of the listener to create tension and relief in their sets.