French Revolution By Meleshia brim

The cause of the French Revolution was for plenty of things but the main ones are debt, high costs on the food and the clergy to pay taxes. And some of these issues were worse for others some punishments included death. Many of towns people refused to pay taxes and were forced to pay them or they would face horrible consequences. Ere was also a lot of chaos besides the reign of terror. Robespierre used the terror to kil or in prison thousands of people who seemed as a threat. And the executions were lethal for example the guillotine which would sever of ones head to sudden death. Even though there was some negative things happening some of it was to give the people liberty, freedom and power.

NapoleĆ³n was a famous leader during these times and was a great leader and showed it by leading his troops into many victorious battles against different country's. He was very successful as a troop leader and person. He also made many things happen such as getting more schools for boys built and having the laws be clearly written and understandable for the citizens. I see him as a hero and villain because to me everything doesn't need to be settled in violence but in this period of time I would say he did a good job leading his people and taking over what needed to be handled.

During the Revolution many things happened people didn't pay taxes some tried to ambush and kill people of high pewer. But one of the big tragedies was the breakout of the jail and the prisoners were loose. Also there were many killlings thousands were killed by either drowning or war and last but not least the guillotine.

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