The iphone 6 processor chip is mainly made up of silicon and many other elements such as phosphorus,antimony,arsenic,boron,indium and gallium. These elements are used to give the iphone electrical properties.

Apple has something very interesting called as "disassembly robots", this means that they can use already used materials in new devices they make.Apple also use pure tin to make there logic board for the Iphone 6. A hazardous material in the iphone 6 is Lithium cobalt oxide.

Elements like phosphorus are found in minerals like phosphates. Boron is not found in elemental form but it is found combined in acid,borax, and borates. A main element found in the processor chip of the iphone 6 is silicon. Sillicon is found in silicon oxides. Gallium is also not found in elemental form but is found in minerals and ores in the earths crust.

The iphone 6 contains alumnium which is a material that is easily recyclable. The iphone 6 is recycled locally and is a very smart way of protecting the enviornment. You could also send most of the devices back to apple and they would recycle it and also send you a gift card for your kindness.

Apple hints in a recent article that the average iphone user would keep there phone for a solid 3/4 years and have it replaced with a newer version. More phones are being replaced comparing to laptops which take around 7/8 years before getting replaced.

It is confirmed that 62% of 101 million iphones in the US are iphone 6 models. In a recent study it has been proved that the iphone usage rated clearly matter on the population density and also the level of education. In countries like America, Canada,England,Australia and many wealthy developed countries, have larger iphone usage rates comparing to low class countries.

Environmentally the iphone 6 is friendly because of many reasons such as being able to recycle. Socially iphones have made a big difference as a whole, many occupations have it easier considering they have an iphone in there hands. One of these examples is a construction worker, a construction worker could use an iphone to read an important blueprint. It could also be used as an alarm,dictionary and many more tools to help us in our lives.The iphone has also made a bad change in society which is being less active. Yes people are staying inside more and less outside since they have an iphone with them to give them they're maximum entertainment. An iphone doesn't just have its own unique own properties and materials. It also carries materials from Samsung,LG and many other companies. This is an economical con.


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