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Hey my name Alisa, I am in freedom middle school in 8th grade. I have type one diabetes it is a struggle at some points but in life you gotta go threw some struggles. I have met amazing people threw out my years here in school got amazing opportunities in life. Some things I do for fun is sports I like basketball, softball, volleyball, and gymnastics I like all of those sports the best. I have 6 siblings 7 including me on my moms side 2 and dads side and 4 on my dads side I don't have any connection with me dad anymore so I don't know how my 4 siblings are doing over there.

Bill gates and Steve Jobs

My podcast is about a amazing person Bill Gates and Steve jobs and how they both grew into the internet. Check down below to get some information about these internet starters.

The Holocaust

My podcast will give you enough information about what the holocaust and how life was in less than 10 minutes. Yes, this was very sad but amazing at the same time how everything from back then changed everything to life now.

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Created with images by Vince Alongi - "Holocaust"

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