Scared recounts by Pukeko Nest

I am scared when my sister is pushing my bike when I am on my bike. I had to ride with one hand. I said "but I am okay". When I had an earhtquake, I am scared. When I did roller blading to Uncle Non Non's, I fell off but I was not scared because I had knee pads on and I had mum with me. Charlie

I’m scared when my sister does scary faces. I get scared when she does scary faces. I run down to my mum’s room. I was going there and Molly was pulling funny faces. I will go talk to her. I am shivering mum. “Are you okay?” “Yes mum.” Take a big breath. Esme

The storm scared me. I go under my covers . I stay in my bed. I am scared in my bed. My heart beeps fast. I feel cold all over. Lucy

I am scared when I see a Zombie Movie and when my brother scares me with a scary mask and it is from the muppets. When I go on my bike with no trainer wheels. I get scared when my dad snores and I think it is a monster. Luke

I am scared because my tooth is getting ready to come out. Now when I am scared I go under my pink blanket. When I am scared I go in my turtle. Scared looks like your hands are clammy. Maia

When I am scared I go to my room and go under my blanket. When it has stopped I get my blanket and hop under my blanket. I go to my mum. If she was not there, I would be sad. Emily K

The girl was scared. I was scared because I dreamt about a Zombie. I was scared. My heart is beeping and I had a big breath. Ella

I am scared of the dark. I cuddle my favourite teddy. Orion

I hide under the bed in my bedroom. I have a zombie in my room and when the sun comes up the zombie goes away. Troy

I am scared of bears. I go under my sheet. There are no bears in New Zealand. Maximus

I feel scared when we watch scary movies and have scary dreams at school. I am shown through a haunted house. I get better when my mum hugs me. I look scared when I shiver and wobble. Emily C

I am scared of monsters. I hid under the blanket. I am worried. Kyla

When I get scared I hide in my bed and I stay in my bed forever. I think when I hear a knock on the door I think it is a skeleton. My heart beats fast. Max

I am scared when I have to go to bed. Thunder came to my house. I am scared. Indigo

Omce I thought there was a vampire in my house. I was afraid because dad dressed up as a vampire. It was a prank and I went to my room. The prank was a halloween. I went to touch my Dad. He took off the costume. "Dad why did you do that? Did you try to scare me? I will get you tomorrow. I will get you maybe". He got me afraid. He had it on for hours. "Are you real? Are you my Dad? "Of course I am". Well now I will go and stop being scared. People anyway look at Leo. "Did you dress Leo up as a shark?" Cody

When it is dark I am scared. When I go to bed it is dark and Gemma is asleep. I just close my eyes and stay in bed. My heart is beating. My heart is beating. It feels like fire came out of my tummy. Grace

I am scared when my Dad tells me to watch scary movies. I felt wet. I am sweaty. My heart is big. Dylan

When I am Scared I go to my bedroom. Then I go under the covers. Then when I feel okay I come out. Then we go somewhere fun like a theme park or a playground. This is another of a scary bit again, so my heart goes fast, super duper fast too. It feels like I’m a bit sick too. Erina

When I am scared I go into my bedroom. When I am in the kitchen I drink water. I feel happy when I again feel sad. I am sad too. My mum is staying in my bedroom. When I am very sad and scared, I cry. When I am scared I go into my bedroom. When I am in the kitchen. I drink water. I feel happy when I again feel sad. I am sad too. My mum is staying in my bedroom. When I am very sad and scared, I cry. Narges

When I am scared my mum scared me. Then I run down the hallway. Then I hide under the blanket. Then it is dark under the blanket . I get scared then my heart beeps loud. Archer

When I am scared I go under my covers. I stay there. I am afraid of people that I don't know. They stayed for dinner finally I did get used to them. When I am scared I will go under my blanket. Then I go to mum and I feel jiggly. Ethan

Sometimes my mum tells me scary stories like Haloween stories. Just like that I get so scared. I hide in my blankets. After I stay where I am. My heart beeps fast. I feel hot. I am sweating. Lexi

I got so scared when I saw a zombie in my backyard but my dog popped the zombies head off. I was safe. Then my mum gave me a tent. It was cool. I said take that sucker! Archie

I have scary dreams and I go to my mum for a big hug. Ngarutoa

I am scared of spiders. I am shaking. Zak

When my dad put me in my room on my own in the morning, he left me. Then my mummy came to see me. When I was with my dad I saw a robot. It sounded very, very, very close to us. I look scared when I shiver. Stella

The monster is scaring me. I go under my bed. Niall

I am scared when I have a bad dream. To make me feel better, I go to my mum and dad’s bedroom. I sleep in my mum and dad’s bed until morning. Then I wake up and I wake my mum up and she gives me a cuddle. Ben

I am scared when my brother pulls a scary face. Emmy

I am scared of sharks. I don't want them to eat me. Kushal

I am scared of thunderstorms. Levi

I am scared of snakes. I shiver. Lotti

When I am scared and watching a scary movie called Ghostbusters. It has zombies in it and there were three people that saw two zombies, one zombie in a house and one in a train station. I look scared when I shiver. Emily L

I’m scared of not being scared. Scary people are not scary. They shake and have scary scary faces. I feel better when I watch a scary movie and eat lollies. Sam H

I’m scared of bad dreams of zombies that eat my face. I felt scared when it is night time and I go to my mum and dad. I talk to them and I look sad too. I shake when I am scared.

I feel scared when I hear scary stories. I feel shaky my heart is beeping. Bridie

When Liam shoots guns. Lucy

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