Photogaphy Composition rules



Action Shot

Black And White

Leading Lines

Our eyes are naturally drawn to main lines in a photograph, so taking photos with interesting lines, zig-zags, curves, etc. enhances the photo


Viewpoint is extremely important to taking photos, because it can change the message that the photographer is trying to convey

View Point (Low)

View Point (High)

Close Up Perspective


Depth creates a 3-d effect to the photo, and can be achieved by adding objects to the background, foreground, or overlapping.


Framing is when objects take form to almost create a sort of barrier to add focus on the main object.

Symmetry And Patterns

Adding symmetry to a photo enhances the photo, and usual bring better focus to the main focus point in a composition.


Cropping allows the photo to become tighter to cancel out “Background noise” and focus on the main subject

Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is when your main subject is on at least one of the third lines if you were to divide up a picture into 9 segments. This will add interest and balance to a photo.


Taking loads of photos and getting different angles, and tones, etc. without having to worry about running out of film

Balancing Elements

Going along with the rule of thirds the main focus of the picture should have something to balance the empty space around it.


Background makes the subject of the photo pop out more and create a more 3-d effect


Possible Careers In Photography

Stock Photographer

Description of what they do: shoots hundreds of generic made-up photographs

Qualifications/Career Path: apply strong technical knowledge and license their work through stock agencies

Pros: earnings can be high if you build a large library

Cons: can take years to earn a liveable wage

Medical Photographer

Description of what they do: take pictures of bodies that can be used for training etc.

Qualifications/Career Path: a degree in photography is vital, and some medical training may be required for certain positions

Pros: helps advance medicine research

Cons: not a very creative job

Average Salary: 41k 59k

Product Photographer

Description of what they do: take photos of different products for companies

Qualifications/Career Path: go to school for certain amount of time, and eventually work your way into agencies

Pros: never a shortage of work

Cons: not a very creative job

Average Salary: 40,000 – 50,000

Sports Photographer

Description of what they do: take pictures of certain sports events and capture moment fans would appreciate

Qualifications/Career Path: contacts, and connections are vital. And sports photographers normally work with news sites and papers

Pros: get to turn a passion into a career

Cons: limited vacations and high demands

Average Salary: 10,000 and 20,000


Description of what they do: take photos of celebrities and send them to magazines etc

Qualifications/Career Path: live in a celebrity hotspot

Pros: get to see celebrities and travel to cool places

Cons: job is looked down upon, and cam be hard to get paid

Average Salary: depending on the photo you could get from $50 to upwards of $10,000 per picture


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