Steel Armor By Donny Pritzker

Creation of Steel Armor

Steel armor was created in the 1300s, and was very hard work. Steelworkers would have to work over a red hot fire, molding and shaping steel into perfectly fitted helmets, gauntlets, breastplates, and other armor pieces. Many times paying for this armor costed as much as a small farm, sometimes even more.

Conquistadors and Their Reign

The conquistadors in the year of 1532 began to conquer the New World. One of the weapons they used to maintain an advantage over the Inca was the invention of steel armor. As Inca scouts proceeded to watch the conquistadors on riding on their horses with their armor, they proceeded to call them gods. As the conquistadors ambushed a celebration held by Atahualpa, the steel armor covering their entire body protected the conquistadors from the spears of the Inca people. The invention of steel armor clearly gave the conquistadors a large advantage against the Inca in battle.

In modern days, steel is used to create automobiles, some silverware have stainless steel, and planes also have steel in them. Because of the constant usage of steel today, it is usually made from scraps of other steel items. Also, steel can be made from molten pig iron. Today steel is not used to make armor anymore because of the invention of new weapons and new warfare.

Sources: World Book, (took a little bit from Mr. Rouse too)

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