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EME605: Intro to Distance Learning

Most important= The most important takeaway from this course was stretching those of us who were almost through the IDT program with the requirement to not only create instruction but to embed it into an LMS. I had tried this right after EME 612, but it wasn't for a long-term solution. I appreciated being challenged to try a different form of publishing through Storyline (SCORM 1.2 download) and learning the ins and outs of using an LMS. I feel it is particularly important as it is a safe place to "store" Articulate material so that it can be viewed once a license has expired. It is necessary for all of us to know all of the options available to us for content delivery, even if we are unsure whether we will ever use those options. I also learned a great deal through the Webinar process as that is not only a great way for distance learning to be facilitated but also for collaboration with SMEs who are not local.
Agreed with= Not to overstate what was mentioned above, but being "forced" to use different methods of instructional delivery was important in giving us the experience to put on our resumes and in our portfolios. We can never assume that our future careers will follow our preferences for how we like to do things. We need to have all of the tools available to us in our "tool kit" as we go out into the "real world!"
Not agreed with: I truly cannot think of anything I didn't agree with.
Interesting: I found all of the different topics my peers chose to do their project on fascinating as most of them reflected topics/groups they are passionate about. I enjoyed the different media and author ware that each group or individual chose and was able to get some ideas for future designs. I also loved our reading assignments--mine in particular as I was able to explore so many free tools that are available. I truly appreciate the practical tasks we are given and being able to share more of those!
Confusing: I did not find anything related to our course confusing. The material was laid out from the first day of class along with the deadlines. I felt that I knew what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. I appreciate the structure of this course! I am very much looking forward to using what I learned not only in this class but all of the others as well, as I start my new career! Thank you for mentoring your students so well! -Lisa

EME603: Intro to Inquiry and Measurement

I got the job! ...Media for Instruction and Inquiry & Measurement really helped shape a lot of my skills for this interview. - Teddy Marcelo

EME601: Intro to Instructional Design

Greetings Professor, Just wanted you to know that I just accepted a position as the Digital Learning Associate at AACSB on Harbour Island. Much due to the real-world project of 601 for Dr. Humphries, my use of ADDIE, and technical writing ability. All of which I applied during my internship. Thank you for your effective facilitation and professional guidance. ---Anthony Gill
I think the most important thing I learned was the different [approaches], models and theories that are behind Instructional Design (ADDIE, ARCS, Gagne). I agreed with the majority of the second book that talked about ways to enhance learning and different ways people learn such as designing games for learning. I can't think of anything I did not agree with. Overall I felt like I learned a lot from this course. The things I found most interesting were the learning models because it best helped me to understand and apply the actual elements of design. - Monique
Most important: Understanding the ADDIE model and why it's important in ID Agreed with: The way the class is structured- I liked that we were able to complete two complete pieces of instruction in just a few weeks Not agreed with: N/A Interesting: All of the different topics that the groups used Confusing: N/A. - Amanee

EME606: Collaboration in Online Learning.

Students collaborate with Dr. Humphries with iCivics organization to produce training.

EME612: Media in Instruction

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