Life Hacks: Cleaning Edition By: Truong Phan

If you are looking to clean up your room or home, then these hacks are for you. By being more efficient with cleaning, you are saving yourself time. This page highlights some unique cleaning hacks that are sure to get your room feeling fresh.

1. Using vinegar to clean water spots

I had heard of this hack but didn't know if it actually worked. You wet a paper towel with vinegar and use it to scrub the stain out.

Rating: 10/10. This hack is simple and works as intended. If you want to get rid of the stains in your bathroom sink, this is the hack for you.

2. Using salt to get rid of stains on clothes

For this hack, all you need to do is to wet the surface of the stain on your clothes, then rub the salt into the stain. After scrubbing, the stain should be removed entirely.

Rate: 10/10. The hack worked and fully removed the stain from my shirt. I was amazed at how quick and efficient it was.

3. Using toothpaste to clean your shoes

This hack consists of using toothpaste and an old toothbrush to clean your shoes. You add a little toothpaste to the brush and slowly scrub away the stains.

Rate: 8/10. It's a good hack, and it is simple to do. The hack can clean small stains, but for deeper stains and scuffs, it doesn't clean as well.

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Truong Phan [STUDENT]


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