Tamrat Gebeyehu 1963 - 2018

A Visionary is Mourned: Tamrat Gebeyehu

Secretary, Bikila Award

Bikila Award, Toronto, May 19, 2018

Bikila Award expresses its love, devotion and our thanks to the late Secretary of the Board of the Bikila Award who passed away on May 16, 2018.

Despite all the tears and the heartache, we honor a remarkable man, a vital presence in our Community and a husband, and a father of two young children with overflowing love and gratitude for his service in our community, the Government of Canada and all Ethiopians.

Bikila Award, the Ethiopian community, and fellow Canadians will remember Tamrat Gebeyehu as the heir for a grand legacy; a champion for those who have none, the soul of the community in the GTA and as a key role player and founding member of the Bikila Award - A man who represented excellence. Every story we tell will lift us beyond what we thought we had lost forever, but what he gave us that which is ours to keep.

Tam Gebeyehu was the baby of his family, and in our community regarded as the relentless dreamer became his cornerstone.

Thanks, Tamrat for living your life with purpose, love and making a difference in our community.

You will be forever missed but never forgotten!

Board of Directors, Bikila Award

Tamrat Gebeyehu during Bikila Award.

Tamrat’s Memorial Services, on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Brief Life History of Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu

Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu was born on June 15, 1963 in Addis Ababa from his mother Mrs. Atsede W/Semayat and his father Mr. Gebeyehu Tegegn. When he was of school age he attended Tsege Beshah elementary school and Teferi Mekonnen Secondary schools in Addis Ababa. He graduated from Addis Ababa University with the Departments overall top distinction majoring in Theatrical Arts in 1989.

Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu’s natural gift for literature resulted in his renowned production of the play entitled Wuchale 17 which was acclaimed by the public. True to his desire to advance his knowledge he continued his training in the Arts in the former Soviet Union followed by his coming to Canada to use the opportunity to pursue his artistic vocation. In 1992 he completed his post-graduate studies at the University of Edmonton, Alberta.

Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu attended Law School for four years at University of Toronto from which he graduated in 2001 after which he was called to the Bar in the Province of Ontario. Since 2001 Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu was employed in various positions in the Federal Ministry of Justice in Canada stationed first in Ottawa and then in Toronto. He has served the ministry as a Legal Counsel where he also received a special Award of Merit for his exceptional contributions and extraordinary support of his colleagues and the operations in the Department of Justice’s Immigration Law Division, Ontario Regional Office. Because of his interest in helping the young generation achieve their dream, he was a law instructor at Humber College.

Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu was a volunteer Board Member of the People to People Canada and Ethiopian Association in the Greater Toronto Area serving as Public Relations Officer. He was a founding Board Member and Artistic Director of Haddis Nigat in Toronto during which he contributed his artistic skills in the production of various plays and writing scripts.

Because of his dedication to serve his community and encourage the Ethiopian youth to achieve their highest potential, Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu became a founding member of Bikila Award since 2013 during which he carried out his responsibilities primarily as Secretary of the Board besides other engagements carried out by a working Board.

As a result of serious illness Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu passed away on May 16, 2018 after being assisted by his wife Mrs. Yesheemebet Azene and by his sister, Mrs. Tigist Gebeyehu, by Mrs. Tigist Azene and by his relatives and friends. Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu is survived by his two daughters, Mira and Zaema.

Although Mr. Tamrat Gebeyehu is physically separated from us, we shall always remember him for his exemplary and enduring contributions to his community.

At such a difficult time of bereavement, we extend our heartfelt condolences to all family members, relatives and friends. May Almighty God rest his soul in peace. Amen!

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