David P. Stevens WriTer/Producer/Artist

#2 Billboard Smooth Jazz


  • David is set to begin touring with national artist to be announced soon!
  • 2018- David charted on Billboard for 22 weeks, ending at #7 with his single “For The Win”
  • David’s 3 single releases garnered heavy rotation on Water Colors, Sirius XM and Music Choice.
  • 2018- David lands in the Billboard top 50 for artist of the year!
  • Spotify boasts 283,600 new listeners, in 77 countries.
  • David received a Master’s degree from Berklee College of Music.
  • David P was featured on “Feel Alright” which hit #2 on Billboard!
  • David recently released a new scorching album entitled Evolution, which is being hailed as his ultimate reinvention.
Billboard top 50 2018

Quickly becoming a recognized name in songwriting, production and performance, is LA based, multi-talented, guitarist, David P. Stevens. Reminiscent of one of his biggest influences Babyface, David shows us the full range of his musical prowess and passion in more ways than one. Equipped with the precision and the skills needed to stand out from the crowd, Stevens has shared the stage and studio with prominent artists, such as: Gerald Albright, Nick Colionne, Najee, Jaguar Wright, Frank McComb, LaToya London, Lisa McClendon, and many more. As a top-notch performer, Stevens has graced the stage during a variety of popular music festivals, such as: Berks Jazz Fest, Rehoboth Jazz Fest, Queen City Summer Fest, Capital Jazz Cruise, Lake Arbor Jazz Fest and more. David is confidently solidifying his place as a funky, dynamic and exceptionally creative artist with a unique sound of his own. He continues to garner the positive attention of music aficionados from all over the world!

Fan Fave!
Producing at his LA studio

Producer/Writer credits:

Adobe, LaToya London, Anthony Hamilton, Lisa McClendon, Jaguar Wright, Frank McComb, Tamika Patton, Gerald Albright, Najee, many more.....

Known for his electrifying, high-energy performances, we now find David P. Stevens touring the world and captivating crowds, as he showcases original songs from his 8 explosive albums. Each album features a set of top musicians and artists in the genre. As a result of these efforts, Stevens has propelled himself further with every spin. David’s previous offering, “Love City” was released on July 9th, 2016, and was hailed by many as one of David’s best works. This album featured Najee, Lin Rountree, Pamela Williams, Jackiem Joyner, Frank McComb, Selina Albright, Vandell Andrew and more! Rogue, his 6th release, followed the same dynamic genre-bending style that Stevens has become known for, but also showcased a new, polished and focused direction. This album featured Mark Kibble of Take 6, Marcus Anderson and more! There is a seasoned sophistication David brings to each of his projects, and Rogue is no exception.

Crowd pleaser!!
Producing at iconic studio -The Village LA

David's most recent album is entitled Evolution. This masterpiece is the product of David's amazing influences and growth as an artist, producer and musician. Already garnering high acclaim from fans and industry people alike, this album will set your ears on fire! Evolution features Former Will Donato, Althea Rene, Jackiem Joyner, Lin Rountree, Elan Trotman, Phil Denny, Tony Exum Jr., Ugo Mano, Zach Sanders and Benjamin Bullock! Tracks “Brighter Days” and “Shake It Off” have been in heavy rotation on XM satellite radio, as well as worldwide.

Evolution 2021

In addition to writing, producing and performing, David recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music, receiving a Master's degree in Business, with a music focus. David is also making his way into producing music for TV, film and commercials.

Producing LaToya London (American Idol) at Itchy Brain studios Atlanta

Exciting, innovative, energetic, memorable, and downright funky, are the qualities which prompt fans to fill clubs, and attend shows where David P. Stevens is performing. Book David today!

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