Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can be so much fun! This is a picture straight from our local park Six Flags Over Georgia. If you have been to our park you know exactly how awesome this ride is! That first drop is absolutely the best! At amusement parks there are several different types of coasters that include steel, wooden, and hybrid.
Roller coasters offer thrills and chills! If you are an adventurous type of individual or looking to experience weightlessness for just a moment, then heading to an amusement park might just be the ticket. Manufacturers are always evolving coasters with new heights, twists, turns, and drops. One innovative idea that came from the steel coaster was the stand up coaster. You would be able to experience that on the Georgia Scorcher here at Six Flags Over Georgia.
Steel roller coasters are extremely fast with loops, turns, and inversions as they don't have as many supports as wooden coasters. A fun fact is that Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure is the tallest steel coaster in the world. If a smoother ride is what you want, then steel coasters are for you!
Wooden roller coasters provide a different ride and experience from steel roller coasters. When it comes to inversions and elements, wooden coasters instead rely on an often rougher and more "wild" ride. Their structure and track give a sense of unreliability and the "threat" of collapse or disregard for safety. I consider wooden coasters a more "rickety" type of ride. Locally, the Cyclone at Six Slags Over Georgia is a prime example of a wooden coaster.
A hybrid roller coaster is a type of roller coaster that has a mixture of wood and steel building materials used for the track and supports. Whether you know it or not, hybrid coasters have been around a long time.
So what is the next bigger and better idea? If you said Virtual Reality then you are correct! It is the latest, hottest ticket item around. The very first park to go with Virtual Reality was Six Flags Over Georgia on the Dare Devil Dive. This ride experience is for you.. especially if you are a gamer!

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