What goes around, stays around. #SHOPLOCAL

What goes around, stays around. Truer words have yet to have been spoken. Here at Gerhard's we would like to remind our family, friends and customers how important it is to keep your money where your heart is: your local community!

Put down your phone. Stop letting online retailers entice you with price-inflating, "rush" shipping. Pull out your snow boots and get your jacket on. Today, we are making Christmas shopping fun again. Stroll past glimmering store fronts lit up for the holiday. Listen to the nostalgic music rippling through the air. Warm your hands of a hot cup of chocolate from the corner shop. Now is NOT the time for stress, now is the time to delight in the joy of the Christmas season.

So, go ahead, pop on into to your local retailer. Perhaps you trade seasons greetings with the employees or store owners. Tell them what you are looking for. Let them help you find unique gifts for each of the names left on your shopping list. They may even be able to point out a few gifts you may have never even considered. And when the time comes to hand over your hard earned cash, remember who you are handing it to. This person is your neighbor, your local entrepreneur. Maybe this business was his life long dream, one he worked tirelessly to achieve. Remember his kids go to school with your kids, his house is not far from where you lay your head at night. He is grateful for your business because it funds his families groceries, his rent, his whole life. So let your dollars *count* for something this Christmas. Let your gift be a present for not only your loved ones, but his as well.

Gerhard's is one such shop. Opened in 1945 by Charles Gerhard Sr, Gerhard's Appliances has been a community driven, customer focused, local business ever since. And when you spend your money with Gerhard's, you encourage the mom and pop shop model, which to this day supports Charles Sr's family over 4 generations later!

What can Gerhard's offer your family for the holidays? Allow us to suggest our Holiday Gift Guide! Suitable for every budget, Gerhard's is offering gifts that will continue to be useful all year long. From a $99 Sealy mattress sale to Weber gas grills for as low as $399, you can choose presents that your family will love and will continue to use until the next holiday season rolls around!

We are so grateful for your support at the most wonderful time of year! And we encourage you to remember that supporting us and our fellow shop owners isn't just about shopping small, it's a huge benefit to our local economy, personal relationships and building our community. So when you're about to run out the door to that huge chain store for those last minute Christmas gifts, remember local matters.

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