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Could we use decal graphics not only in our windows but on our sales floor too? Could we incorporate decals over plinths, mirrors, shelving and wall bays which could really help define a trend, whilst also helping tell a story. Could the decals run continuously over the floor, plinths and up a mirror?

Could we mix our existing plinths together on the sales floor to create a mixed aesthetic? How would our clear plastic plinths work with our white metal and smaller wooden plinths? Could we position our mannequins so they are staggered. we could even incorporate some of our accessories window plinths or TV tables for height and drama- allowing us to showcase a particular item.

I think we could give our in-store plinths a new aesthetic by using acrylic covers, inserts which may cover half of the plinth vinyl, or by painting and dipping.

Could we incorporate a 'boutique' feature rail within our sales floor or store windows for a minimal approach? Allowing us to shout about or fantastic 'see it buy it' product.

Playful oversized window decals give a strong, powerful and quick to install window scheme. Could we use going into spring summer? Maybe we could use throughout our in-store mirrors to continue the theme throughout the store, or use them to educate and introduce our customers to our new products such as our denim .........

Mannequin 'make up' detailing applied using a pritt stick so the detailing can be washed off.

Could our swimwear section be playful to match our new swimwear trends? Would be great to incorporate some of our ripped denim jackets, and courts as well as our sliders for footwear options.

Could we use kitsch props such as the swimming hats, and goggles?

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