Mining & drilling By: ovidio carlson

Facts - Many people use mining and drilling for many resources such as coal, iron, gold, and bronze. These tools help people become richer or use the tools for daily life. In the Olympics they have silver, gold, and bronze. They find the items by digging through the ground by using Dozers, Excavators, Track compactors, etc.

problem - Yet it is very dangerous for miners to mine in deep areas underground because they could get stuck or fall. Info-mine lists over 130 suppliers of drilling contract services. Major Drilling claims to be the world's largest provider of contract drilling services. A quick look at their drilling services and drill catalog confirms the scope and range of their services. IDS (International Directional Services is a group of highly experienced professionals and a leading supplier of services) offers the most comprehensive surface and underground core orienting service (and rental) available to a wide variety of industries.A number of the proposed applications for nuclear explosions will require the emplacement of explosives to great depths. Later in the report they tell us the boreholes go to 6,000 ft at 90-inch diameters. That is almost shaft sinking.

Pros - we can have many resources and supplies in the future and this makes a better economy and we can be richer and share gold and iron with other states for trading.

Cons & dangerous machines used - Mining deaths numbered more than 1,000 a year in the early part of the 20th century, they decreased to an average of about 451 annual fatalities in the 1950's, and to 141 in the 1970's. From 2006-2010, the yearly average number of fatalities in coal mining decreased to 35.

Many people can get injured by many incidents in mines and caves such as cave-ins, floods, noise, dust, etc.

Floods - They can come about because of ground water ingress or uncontrolled surface runoff, such as flash flooding following heavy rains. Floods can compromise the stability of pit walls, bringing about a collapse that kills miners and wrecks equipment.
Dust - Blasting and drilling leave very fine mineral dust particles in the air that can accumulate in the lungs. Another common form of the disease for miners is black lung disease.

Cave-in: Cave-ins are one of the most common underground mining accidents. They can take place for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • The land or ground sinking
  • non safe underground mineshaft walls and ceilings
  • Cracks in the shaft floor and walls, which can lead to a weakening of the whole structure

Noise - Mining equipment, including crushers, drills and engines, that lets off unfiltered noise can cause short-term or permanent hearing loss, eardrum rupture or compromised speech.

Mining welding fumes consist of vaporized molten metal. Long-term excessive exposure can result in pneumococcus, respiratory tract irritation and systemic poisoning.

Solution - Stop using machines for heavy mining and instead just use regular tools for mining and this speeds the process and we don't have to spend a lot of money. If it gets too tiring the miners should be able to get water brakes and free roam other mines.

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