Siena Tuscany, ITALY

It was our first real opportunity today to go and explore Siena, whilst we have spent two nights here, we have hardly touched the place being too busy galavanting around the countryside.

Other than the main Piazza made famous by the annual horse race inside the Piazza the standout attraction is del Duomo Di Siena. A very impressive piece of architecture! The hero would have to be the cathedral floor, which only has limited viewing at certain times of the year, otherwise it is covered up. Our ticket included not only the entire Cathedral, but also the Museo dell’Opera which gave access to Panorama dal Facciatone providing us with 360 deg panoramic views over Siena. The ticket also included Porta del Cielo, known as the gate of heaven, which was a rooftop tour of the Cathedral giving a bird’s eye perspective of the magnificent marble inlaid floor.

After overdosing ourselves on the Cathedral it was time to catch the bus back to Monteriggioni and walk to another Tuscan Villa for the evening, in preparation of our final incomplete leg back to Siena!

Siena Streetscape

Marble Inlay Flooring
Marble Inlay Flooring
e Liberia Piccolomini
Monteriggioni Tuscan Villa
Monteriggioni Walled Town viewed from our Villa
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Stephen Mathieson