WHA74 Social Media & Messaging Toolkit


Nearly 100 civil society representatives from the Global Health Council (GHC) delegation will attend the 74th World Health Assembly (WHA74), held virtually from Monday, May 24 to June 1, 2021. GHC invites you to actively engage at WHA74 for this virtual convening to raise our collective voice as members of civil society to advocate on a range of global health issues.

Our social media promotion will primarily be focused on Twitter. Please remember to tag @GlobalHealthOrg in all your Twitter posts related to WHA74. Please use the messages, handles, and hashtags below as a guide. We also welcome and encourage the development of your own social media content.


Contact Information for GHC Delegates

  • For technical assistance on accessing the WHA74 virtual platform, please contact the WHO IT support team at WHA-ITsupport@who.int.
  • For GHC social media inquiries related to WHA74, please contact, rdaedalus@globalhealth.org. For other delegation inquiries, please contact aaluoch@globalhealth.org.

Primary Hashtags and Handles


  • #WHA74
  • #COVID19
  • #HealthForAll
  • #VaccinEquity
  • #globalhealth


  • @GlobalHealthOrg
  • @WHO
  • @DrTedros

WHA Statements

The GHC delegation submitted statements on a variety of agenda items, including:

Agenda Items: 13.1, 13.5, & 13.8

  • Global action on patient safety
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Immunization Agenda 2030
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Agenda Items: 13.2, 13.3, & 13.9

  • Political declaration of the third high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases
  • Expanding access to effective treatments for cancer and rare orphan diseases, including medicines, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics, assistive products, cell- and gene-therapies and other health technologies; and improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health products
  • Integrated people-centered eye care, including preventable vision impairment and blindness
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Agenda Items: 13.4, 13.6, & 13.7

  • Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation, and intellectual property
  • Substandard and falsified medical products
  • Standardization of medical devices nomenclature
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Agenda Items: 14, 15, & 16

  • Health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Health workforce
  • Committing to implementation of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health
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Agenda Items: 17 & 18

  • WHO’s work in health emergencies and strengthening preparedness for health emergencies
  • Mental health preparedness for and response to the COVID-19 pandemic
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Agenda Items: 22.1 & 23

  • Social determinants of health
  • WHO global plan of action to strengthen the role of the health system within a national multisectoral response to address interpersonal violence, in particular against women and girls, and against children
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Agenda Items: 26.2 & 26.3

  • WHO Transformation
  • WHO Reform
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Please help us amplify our statement by tagging @GlobalHealthOrg in the image associated with each respective statement.

Suggested Tweets

  • Vaccines underpin #globalhealth security and prevent 4.3 million deaths annually but the #COVID19 has disrupted immunization programs around the 🌎. We call on @WHO and Member States to fully support immunization programs to ensure these gains are not lost. #WHA74
  • The #COVID19 pandemic has both highlighted & exacerbated existing inequities across populations. We call on governments to engage & support #civilsociety to identify & address the needs of the most marginalized when responding to & recovering from this pandemic. #WHA74
  • Women make up 70% of the #globalhealth workforce and as such are faced with demands at work and in their home. Governments should provide women with childcare, sick leave, and other financial protections to support their livelihoods. #WHA74
  • We call on Member States to integrate accountability mechanisms for commitments made to #IA2030, including an annual mechanism for reporting progress through the EB and wider Assembly. #WHA74
  • We urge Member States to prioritize #NCD care and prevention in their response and recovery plans in order to protect the 🌎’s most vulnerable communities. #WHA74
  • @GlobalHealthOrg urges @WHO and Member States to support the Resolution on Oral Health, adopt the proposed global eye care targets, and support the continuation of the #NCD Global Coordination Mechanism (GCM). #WHA74
  • We recommend @WHO and Member States strengthen the capacity of national and regional systems, including late-stage clinical trial regulatory oversight. #WHA74
  • We must support efforts to locally produce medicine and health technologies to ensure rapid implementation to combat pandemics such as #COVID19. #WHA74
  • A strong health workforce👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ plays a critical part in a country’s capacity to meet sustainable development goals. We must address issues that undermine health systems and #globalhealth security. #WHA74
  • Country-led dialogues can support long-term, innovative, and locally adopted solutions that ensure equitable access to health care for our most vulnerable and at-risk populations. #WHA74
  • The #COVID19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women’s, children’s, and adolescent's health. We applaud the @WHO’s commitment to addressing these disparities and putting them at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals. #WHA74
  • The @WHO’s role in emergencies includes critical efforts around coordination and response, but also preparedness to ensure the suffering and deaths in crises are minimized and #healthsystems are protected. #WHA74
  • Increased collective action is needed to end the #COVID19 pandemic, achieve equitable recovery, and create more resilient health systems. We echo calls to increase vaccine dose💉 sharing through #COVAX and fully funding the ACT-Accelerator. #WHA74

GHC Delegation

We encourage you to follow all GHC delegates on Twitter! Below are the organizational handles along with individual delegates with Twitter accounts.

  • Please customize this tweet: I'm excited to be a @GlobalHealthOrg delegate at #WHA74 & to be part of a diverse delegation of nearly 40 members from 11 countries, including 7 #LMICs, around the 🌍 to advocate for #globalhealth and work to promote #HealthForAll with @WHO & @DrTedros.

Twitter Handles: Organizational Members & Delegates

  • Global Health Council: @GlobalHealthOrg; @kkalkstein
  • Pathfinder International: @PathfinderInt
  • Women in Global Health: @womeninGH; @RoopaDhatt
  • American Academy of Pediatrics: @AAPGlobalHealth; @MandySlutsker, @jannacpat
  • Seed Global Health: @Seed_Global; @vbkerry
  • Management Sciences for Health: @MSHHealthImpact, @MSHACTS
  • NCD Alliance: @ncdalliance
  • Children’s HeartLink: @CHeartLink
  • Global Health Advocacy Incubator: @IncubatorGHAI; @justicioaje
  • The Hunger Project: @THP_GH
  • International Federation of Psoriasis Associations: @PsoriasisIFPA
  • What to Expect Project: @WTE_Project
  • Sabin Vaccine Institute: @sabinvaccine
  • Pandemic Action Network: @PandemicAction
  • Last Mile Health: @lastmilehealth; @siobhan_kelley
  • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation: @EGPAF
  • NCD Child: @NCDChild
  • Global Health Technologies Coalition: @GHTCoalition; @JBayNishi, @Phil_kenol88
  • ReSurge International: @ReSurge
  • American Heart Association: @American_Heart; @dvmcghie
  • CSIS Global Health Policy Center: @CSISHealth; @GirasolBliss
  • Living Goods: @Living_Goods; @NsubugaDiana
  • Chemonics International: @Chemonics; @mariamreda84
  • DAI: @DAIGlobal
  • CARE International: @CAREGlobal
  • International Association for Dental Research: @IADR
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America: @IDSAInfo; @AzR86
  • Smile Train: @Smiletrain
  • ACTION: @ACTION_tweets
  • GCI Health: @GCIHealth
  • Nuclear Threat Initiative: @NTI_WMD; @Andrew_Hebbeler
  • Partners in Health: @PIH

Super Advocates (Individuals)

Dr. Elizabeth Montgomery Collins: @DrEMCollins