Biotechnology Brandon gaskill

Cloning: taking DNA from one organism and creating another organism with the DNA.
Examples of cloning: Artificial Embryo Twinning, Somatic cell nuclear transfer,
A genetically modified organism is an organism who's genes have been altered by genetic engineering so it's DNA contains genes not found there.
64 countries around the work require genetically modified foods to be labeled.
Embryonic stem cells can be all cell types of the body because they're pluripotent. Adult stem cells are limited.
DNA fingerprinting is a process used for identification by taking and indentfying the base pair pattern of someone's DNA
DNA fingerprinting is also used for identifying and tracking down criminals.
You can find your family using your DNA. Paternity kits help you find your DNA. It can be used to find out the parents of a person.
Polymerase chain reaction or PCR is a method used to make duplicates of a specific DNA region.
Gel electrophoresis is a method used the separate DNA pieces by size.
A transgenic organism are organisms with altered genes.

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