Miguel Cervantes Writer,novelist,and military leader


In near range from Madrid in 1547 Miguel de Cervantes is born. He's now the fourth to come only to await 3 more siblings. His father Rodrigo works as a sergeon, but Miguel's family still struggles financially. Although Miguel's life is stricken with poverty he strives in the art of reading, a skill said to be given by kin, but some argue it was bestowed upon him by the Jesuits.


After the death of king Phillips wife Cervante serfuses with his first Poem publication condoning the queens passing. After a year or so Cervantes joins the Spanish military in Italy. He takes part in the battle of Lepanto and is stations at la Marquesa. During his service Miguel was injured severely suffering chest injuries and the maiming of his left hand. When Miguel and his brother made a trip back home but they were captured. They were taken prisoners by the Turks and were kept as prisoners and salves. Miguel was kept for five years and made multiple escape attempts. A ransom was then paid in 1850 for his freedom.


Cervantes had much to achieve after his release. He writes one of his best literary accomplishments, Don Quixote. But even before Don Quixote Cervantes realesed La Galatea during the year of his release which wasn't as favored or recognized. Cervantes then made contributions to the world of lucrative theatre. An important branch during the renaissance. He saw how it impacted Spain during that time driving him to move to that art.


Cervantes is a well presentable man although he had experienced a challenging childhood he prospered. He served his country and helped empower the art of theatre during the renisiance. Cervantes is an idol who can be looked upon on and help spread the good and perseverance he has embedded on us.

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