Ann Garcia Case BY mauricio umana


Anna Garcia was 38 years old and was found dead in her house. She was found dead on August 15. Her neighbor Doug Greene called the EMT at 9:45 and they got there at 9:56 and found Anna laying face down in the entry of her hallway.


At the crime scene we found a lot of Evidence...Some of that evidence includes Finger prints, Hair samples, and blood.

1. fingerprints: Alex Garcia was at the place of the crime scene the day before

2. hair: it was Anna's hair

3. Unknown Substance: Pain killers not drugs

4. blood spatter, 90 degrees standing, 74cm (table)

5. DNA analysis: the blood is from Anna

6. time of death: dead for 4hrs since 7am

7. autopsy report: wound on head, no drugs, no alcohol


I believe that Anna had a heat stroke because it was 90 degrees and she was wearing a sweater. she also had pain killers which meant the she might had a headache which is a symptom of a heat stroke.

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