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Kirtan is an ancient practice of call and response mantra singing. (mostly in Sanskrit in our case) The leader sings a line and the crowd repeats it back. Mantras focus and bring the mind to rest while singing together opens hearts. It’s fun, deep, enlivening, and good for you! The mantras evoke powerful archetypes within to heal and nurture us. Tho chanting is often associated with religion, Bhakti kirtans are not religious, but a Vedic practice at a technology for happiness. That makes it spiritual, but not religious.

Our kirtans are call and response group singing, mostly in Sanskrit, some in Gurmukhi, and our presentation is slightly less traditional, very dynamic, fun and features Rick's original jazz flavored music. Everyone is encouraged to sing loudly, and dance with abandon!

Rick has been playing and touring with many of the world's most popular kirtan leaders for many years and has been leading his own events for over five years. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a background in the healing arts he brings an eclectic and developed musical style, a deep spiritual sense, a respectfully irreverent sense of humor, and lots of fun. He's a featured artist at Bhakti and Shakti festivals. This year Lindsey DePeri has joined the tour on vocals, harmonium, synthesizer, cartals, cajon and anything else there's room to bring in their tour van. She also offers astrology workshops and readings.

Live music for your yoga class

In addition to kirtan, "Graced!" can bring flexible musical accompaniment to whatever type of yoga you lead in your classes. We can dynamically “follow” and/or “lead” the energy of the class as you desire. A brief conversation prior to the class about your style will help determine what you get from us. We won’t bury your vocal directions to the class in loud sound. We’re used to adjusting volumes and dynamics so the class doesn’t miss your cues. A song for shavasana? An uptempo rocker for an energy peak? Just chill background throughout? Whatever, the honor is ours and we’ll work with you as partners to provide a transformative experience for all. As well as making a yoga class special with live music, playing for your classes also helps promote a kirtan we might be scheduled to lead at your studio.


Gratitude is the focus of a cacao ritual we open many of our events with. Gratitude for our bodies, each other, the earth, the air, the sun and everything that nurtures our lives. We use cacao which is organic, fair trade from Tanzania, Ecuador, and Belize acquired through our friends at www.fireflychocolate.com. It’s farmed and processed for ceremonial purposes by a culture that believes in it’s spiritual properties. It is chocolate in its purest form from which we make a delicious drink. We all drink together to open the kirtan. The effect is palpable as it facilitates our hearts opening into group mantra practice.


Rick offers a 90 minute kirtan workshop geared for mantra neophites as well as veterans. I may coach aspiring kirtan leaders and musicians to lead or accompany kirtan. I relate some of the stories associated with various Hindu deities, tying them to modern human experience and propose the technology of chant as a helpful balm as well as a tool to transform real life situations. Here's the blurb:

Tangible Self Empowerment through Mantra

Ancient Hindu mantras provide us an imaginative and colorful ‘technology' for sparking our own fire and fanning our creative flame. The deities stand in as archetypes of every human experience, and from initiation through completion of all types of projects and relationships they serve to awaken necessary energies within you.

This interactive 90 minute workshop will introduce several Hindu deities, their stories, their domains of power as relates to your life specifically, and the mantras that mystics have used for thousands of years to live happier, more successful lives.

It's a technology that works, and it’s fun, too! No experience needed.

The workshop may include a short meditation, a talk on approach, listening, focus, connection, settling in and even musical quality. Possibly volunteer participants may take a turn leading a chant and receive useful pointers specific to them. Though people may bring an instrument, performance is not essential to anyone's participation.

Practical Astrology Workshop

Learn to tune in and flow with astrological rhythms even if you are a beginner! This 2-hour interactive workshop includes an overview of simple, practical ways to use astrology in everyday life and an introduction to understanding key elements your personal birth chart. Through a fun group exercise, Lindsey facilitates identifying the main energetic influences in participant’s birthcharts* and shares an easy-to-use framework for understanding the 12 zodiac signs.

Lindsey has studied astrology since childhood. She spent 12 months apprenticing with a master astrologer and has a background teaching yoga and meditation, as well as experience in corporate training, team building, coaching and mentoring. Her teachings are influenced by yogic philosophy and a desire to empower others through greater self-awareness. Lindsey is passionate about exploring the astrological placements which give insight into each soul’s evolutionary journey.

An optional workshop extension involves an additional 2 hours to explore the elements of the Moon Goddess and lunar astrology including the energy of Full and New Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and other fun anecdotes. As well, we'll talk about recurring astrological seasons such as personal planet retrogrades and the Saturn return. Great info for yoga teachers to incorporate into their classes!

*birth information is requested in advance in order to generate a personalized chart for each workshop participant in advance

Here’s a link to a playlist of my music on Spotify


A unique duo, to be sure!
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Ricks CDs, “A Muse in Grace” and “Hand of the Muse" contain many of the chants he'll be sharing on this tour. They can be heard at www.amuseingrace.com, or on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

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This was an article in the Rapid City Journal in 2015

Singing, chanting and response have long been at the heart of many religious traditions and spiritual practices. Whether chanting in Latin or Hebrew or singing hymns in Old English, many people can attest to the power of sound in spirituality. Adding a roomful of voices in addition to one’s own can make the experience even richer. That’s what the ancient practice of kirtan — which originated in India as the layman’s way of communicating with the Divine — hopes to accomplish. This non-denominational spiritual call and response technique, which is usually sung in Sanskrit, is used to connect with the divinity both inside and outside one’s self. It strives to generate renewing and life-transforming energy for all who practice it. “Kirtan calls my attention to my heart even as it forces me to face my deepest fears in my day to day," said Denver-based kirtan leader Rick Franz, who has played and toured with some of the world’s most well-known kirtan "wallahs," or leaders, for several years. "In so doing, it seems to lessen their grab on me. My lifestyle and tour are all about calling the bluff on the law of attraction.” Franz will hold a kirtan concert from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday at Vibrant Life Yoga and Pilates, 1002 Jackson Blvd., leading participants in call and response chanting, singing and dance. Franz describes his presentation as “slightly less traditional, very dynamic and fun.” It features his original music performed mostly on various guitars and a bouzouki. Participants will be invited to sing loudly and dance with abandon — or they may simply sit on the ground and meditate to the mantras, whatever best serves their needs. Kirtan is strongly rooted in the philosophy that one must be compassionate toward one’s self. “As a practice, Kirtan works to put the ego in its place. It exposes true love for self. When one has witnessed that enough, the ego starts to soften and personal relationships blossom in amazing and sweet ways. Circumstances improve. You're being the change you want to see in the world, and your world changes to match,” Franz said. Kirtan has grown in popularity in the past 10 years in the United States alongside yoga and other eastern spiritual practices. For more information on Franz’s kirtan practice and music, visit museingrace.com.
The Florida band!

We co-facilitated an amazing and sweet 3 day retreat at Joyful Journey Hot Springs last month! Yoga, Kirtan, Astrology! Workshops in all three practices as well as private sessions. The soaking, the food, the people... all the best!

Another retreat is in the works for Sicily, Italy... stay tuned!

Steve Prince 'groovin the bhav' with us!
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