The Aye Aye God's little Nightmare

Much like the pug the aye aye walks the delicate tightrope between radically ugly and extremley cute. The Aye Aye resembles a cat who was bitten by a vampire and then halfway through the transformation just said screw it.

To give you a sense of its size here is an aye aye pictured next to a slightly smaller aye aye.

For a long time scientists thought the aye aye was a rodent because of its rodent like teeth that never stop growing and must constantly be worn down however now what is know is that the aye aye is a highly specialized lemur and trust me lemurs were not too thrilled by that news.

The aye aye's most amazing adaptation is its freakishly long length and thin middle finger. like the human shoulder this finger has a ball and socket joint and can rotate almost 360* around the hand. it is packed with sensory neurons and because of the energy it consumes it is only warmed up when in use. This is because like the woodpecker the aye aye is a percussive hunter. to find grubs they tap on trunks and branches of trees up to 8 times per second with their creepy finger which is probably stupidly annoying like those people who clink their cereal bowls (learn how to use a spoon it's not an instrument) as they tap they listen to the echo and feel the vibrations to find hallow grub filled chambers. when they find one they use their teeth to open a hole in the tree and use their middle finger as a sort of grub dipstick very dainty. terrifying for the grub BTW you can imagine all grubs scary stories begin with " there was a knock at the door" sadly the aye aye is threatened due to a local superstition that if it points its middle finger at you you have to kill it, which is very similar to the customs of the north american party. remember this if someone gives you the finger they might just be hungry.

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