India Rebecc tellez

India is the seventh largest country in the world with a population of approximately 1.3 billion people. It has the highest population after China.

Over the summer I was able to visit India. With their high population I saw a lot of traffic, pollution, and business.

Indian Call Center

A very familiar building I saw was the call centers. The call centers were in the urban areas which is where a lot of homes and business are located unlike the suburbs. I was told that about 32.8% of their population lives in the urban areas. An employee of ICCS, Yoshita Sharma, said that she enjoys working at the call center. She must go by the name Rita and be able to communicate with the customer very quickly. Not a lot of women work in that call center so she considers herself lucky. The school where she attended sounded a lot like school in America, but they got out of school earlier. She was able to go to school where she started learning English. However, you don't have to get an education to become a customer service officer/ operater. You must be skilled and trained then you can start earning your $2-$6 an hour.

"During training my trainer was very strict. If you couldn't answer a question quick, you couldn't answer at all. Must have quick mind and response for customers. Communication is very important."

India is very good with globalization. The country is developing economy and is tied with world leading nations. They need India for its investments, business environment, administrative setup, and skilled workforce. Their knowledge of technology in call centers is incredible. They are able to have more knowledge over a counties technology than that country does itself.

India is a very populated country that is good with globalization. Their economy is developing. Although their country isn't the richest they are making money. Call centers are able to provide jobs for many uneducated citizens. They must be willing to have the patience and time to train. Even though India is very populated and has spatial inequality they are trying to improve.

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