A Day with the Divine MEGHAN WREN

As I entered the auditorium, a sense of peace overwhelmed me because of the dim lighting and welcoming ambiance. My seat was perfect to watch the performance, as I was towards the center of the rows and was directly aligned with the center of the stage, which was the perfect seat to watch the play unfold from. As a lover of theatre, an excited feeling overwhelmed me as the lights dimmed and the audience fell silent. I was giddy with excitement, especially since I had heard so many amazing things about the play from fellow students. The size of the theatre added to my experience, as the size was comfortable and intimate. The role of place in the Good Life profoundly impacts ones pursuit of the good life, as more comfortable and peaceful places tend to promote happiness.
I attended the performance with four of my sorority sisters: Sam, Brittany, Aliyah, and Sammy. To get ready for the performance, we all went out to lunch before at Subway and enjoyed a good meal. Then, we carpooled to the Reitz and took photos inside and outside the theatre. Attending with friends enhanced my experience because it allowed me to feel comfortable initiating and intellectual discussion about the play. I believe shared experiences are very important in pursuing/attaining the good life, as the different perspectives/experiences of everyone in the audience allows one to reflect more deeply and further embrace their experience.
The performance helped me better understanding the history of North America and the power and control the Church had on all aspects of life. The play emphasized the role of art, business, and church in the conflicting viewpoints of three radically differing characters. The highlight of the play, though, was the constant struggle occurring between the Church and the arts, as well as the exposure of the corrupt Quebec society. The play sought to reveal the evils of society, such as the conditions of factories and the Church's covering of sexual assaults. Seeing the play revealed to me the importance of the arts and free expression. Without free expression and an outlet to express our beliefs, society would become ignorant of current and past issues. It also revealed to me that we can never let one single force dictate our lives like in the play, and that we should fight for our democratic society.
The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt allows its audience to experience katharsis, or giving oneself the opportunity to look at oneself and come to terms with our flaws and be genuine when it comes to being human and being happy. This play allows the audience to experience katharsis because it fearlessly presents us with the evils, faults, and mistakes of society. We are presented with an anger-ridden main character, a pedophile, the true conditions of slavery in the Industrial Age, and the overbearing power of the Church. It's raw depiction of Quebec society allows the audience to examine themselves and their society and reflect the evils that need to be resolved.

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