Luna Luck Beating the odds. Getting the second chance she deserves.


Luna Luck seemed like just a normal little puppy--bouncy, trouncy, playful, and healthy. But Luna Luck’s whole world changed when she suddenly lost all control of her hind legs.

Suddenly, it was a struggle to just go short distances--a struggle to get to the food dish, to go to the bathroom, to do any of the things she would normally be able to do. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch this little one try to adjust to her new circumstances.

Luckily she had some caring hearts on her side, and they helped our little Luna Luck find her way to Southern Pines.

But Luna needed some extra help from our community to help to rewrite her story and get her back on her feet.

Because of your quick assistance, Luna Luck is getting the second chance she deserves.



Some of our followers were familiar with this little pup and her circumstances, commenting that other pups in Luna Luck’s litter had also shown similar symptoms. So with a little help from our community, we were able to get in touch with the vet’s office who’d examined another of Luna Luck’s littermates. We did confirm with them that the other puppy had indeed tested positive for Neospora, a parasite that can cause fatal paralysis in companion animals.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for puppies who are already experiencing paralysis is rather grim. Nevertheless, we were determined to try our best for Luna Luck in the hopes that this sweet little puppy will get to experience a long, happy life with a family who adores her.

At the moment, Luna Luck is under careful observation. Other than her paralysis, she is acting fairly normal--lots of energy, great appetite, sweet as pie. She’s currently on a course of antibiotics, and we are working with her on some physical therapy--massages and stretches--to make sure those hind leg muscles don’t become too stiff and weak. During these sessions, it’s become clear that she hasn’t lost complete feeling or movement in her back legs.

It is our fervent hope that she will continue respond well to treatment, and if she does, we will be looking for a foster home for this sweet girl where she can continue her treatment, physical therapy and receive some socialization.


Thank you again for your compassionate hearts for pets in need and for giving pets like Luna Luck the opportunity for a second chance. She’s so lucky to have such a wonderful community of people like you in her corner.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Southern Pines Animal Shelter

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