bring back innerstar U! or at least something like it

a few years ago, i went to chicogo and i got a My American Girl doll!

when i got home i found a little card at the bottom of Stellas box about a new online game called innerstar U. you had to add a code in then your doll would come to life i liked to play pajama pile and food sale. you would earn stars by playing games. you could spend your stars on hairstyles, outfits and even rooms! it was sooooo fun to be creative and imaginative on a website safe for girls.

i started to play innerstar U for a few months but one day, when i went to log in, but i couldn't find innerstar u! all I could see was Truly Me this and Truly Me that!

I couldn't find innerstar u anywhere!

"What happened! Am I uh in the uh wrong website but uh" I was really confused. So I tried looking for another website! Then squish said, "what about that Truly Me thing?" Which made me more confused...

So for genios hour I will try to bring back innerstar U... And I'm not the only one that agrees.

๐Ÿ’œThank you for watching and please "appreciate"๐Ÿ’œ

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